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Video: Why Obama and Hillary should be in jail for Benghazi…

If you want a perfect explanation of Benghazi, listen to the Dr. Of Common Sense.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton really do deserves to be locked up because of Benghazi. Ya see, I’ve been following the Benghazi story myself very closely ever since the tragedy happened. It’s pretty obvious that Obama & Hillary orchestrated it all. The whole thing. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Obama & Hillary orchestrated it all. If you’ve seen all the hearings and read the book or seen the movie to “13 Hours”, you could tell right away that Obama & Hillary are totally guilty. Even someone with half a brain would be able to see that.

If you call Obama & Hillary being responsible a “conspiracy theory”, it just shows you can’t take the truth that these two are nothing but criminals. It’s bothering you and upsetting you. It shows that you are uneducated and dumb. Shows how “one-sided” you really are.

You don’t even need a detective to see that Barack and Hillary was behind it all. Given orders to stand-down and given orders to blame it on a video. These two should be locked up. It’s worthy of life prison sentence and execution too. Lets hope and pray Trey Gowdy proves their guilt soon!

Listen to the Doctor in the video below.


As I predicted, the Benghazi attacks goes mainstream after release of “13 Hours” film…

Before the release of Michael Bay’s “13 Hours” movie which came out yesterday, the Benghazi attacks stayed out of the public eye for a long while. As I predicted in the past, the Benghazi story is gonna go mainstream once this movie comes out and look what just happened. Now the Benghazi story is all over the news all of a sudden. Which is good! Everyone should know about the Benghazi tragedy. Everybody needs to see what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did.

Anyway, the whole point of this movie is not about Obama & Hillary at all. The whole point of the release of the film is to show America what the surviving heroes did to try and stop the attacks from happening. It wanted to honor those heroes. Plus, another reason the film was made was so that the Benghazi tragedy to go mainstream and push for more answers of the unsolved attacks. To let people know that Benghazi will never be ignored or forgotten.

I haven’t seen the movie yet but the film wasn’t playing at the mall I was at and that’s part of why I saw “The Revenant” instead. “13 Hours” is playing in a different theater so I’ll have to go to the other place to see it. I still have plans in seeing “13 Hours”, though. When you go see the movie, I’m pretty sure the movie will be extremely violent and gritty ’cause why? That’s how the real life Benghazi attack was. If you were there at the Benghazi attack the night it happened, that’s exactly what you’ll see… gun fire all over the place, mortars going off, flames all over, etc.

I wish Americans would realize how dangerous and scary that night was. That’s another reason for this film is to show you how dangerous and scary it was. I know it’s just a movie, yes but the film is to help give you an idea of what the Benghazi attack might of been like that night. To show how serious the Benghazi attacks really was.

It’s real sad that all people want to do is call it a love fest for “conspiracy theorist”. If the mainstream media refuses to talk about Benghazi then Hollywood will start making movies about it. I predict more Benghazi movies will be coming after this one.

This is perfect timing to release “13 Hours” movie, though… around election time when Hillary is running. America needs to know what she did.


Video: See the new red band trailer for “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” directed by Michael Bay…

A lot of people especially liberals can’t see how tragic the Benghazi attacks really was ’cause there was no video footage of the attacks released to the public. Well, maybe this film will help give people a bit of a reality check that Benghazi was a pretty serious tragedy that shouldn’t get ignored.

When this movie comes out, I’m sure it will spark a lot of controversy and debate. I’m sure some movie theaters in America will refuse to screen it and stuff like that.

I’m hoping more people will wake up on Benghazi once this film comes out and I think more people will. That’s the whole goal of the film, I believe. Hoping to wake more people up and hoping to get more people to care.

I’m looking forward to the film and will see it in January. Even if you have liberal political beliefs, you should still go see it anyway but I doubt liberals will see it. A lot of them will probably boycott it.


Video: First trailer for Michael Bay’s, Benghazi movie is now online!!!

Here it is… first trailer for the Michael Bay directed Benghazi movie. It surprisingly looks very good! I’ll give it a chance and will check it out.

Hopefully this movie will help more people open their eyes on the Benghazi attacks.

As I expected, this movie is gonna be very violent and it looks like it will be. I predict that liberals are gonna avoid this movie like the plague ’cause you know how they all feel about Benghazi but who knows, maybe some liberals will actually go see it out of curiosity?

I predict this movie is gonna be a box office smash kind of like “American Sniper”.

This movie isn’t about entertaining people, it’s about trying to get more people to know about the Benghazi attacks and hopefully get more people to want some answers.

I’m pretty sure Barack Obama and Hillary are gonna avoid seeing this movie too. Who knows though, maybe Barack will actually see it but I’m pretty sure he’s scared of this film getting released. This film will bring back memories for Barack and Hillary which is good and well deserved.


Michael Bay’s Benghazi movie, “13 Hours” to be released on January 15, 2016…

Michael Bay’s Benghazi movie “13 Hours” has just set a released date for January 15, 2016 which will fall on MLK day weekend. The film will be based on the book by Mitchell Zuckoff.

The story will be about the 2012 attack on the U.S. Diplomatic compound in Benghazi that took the lives of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, as well as the adjacent attack on a nearby facility in which two CIA contractors were killed. The book doesn’t really get into the myriad conspiracy theories surrounding the attacks, instead offering a minute-by-minute look at events. Zuckoff drew from accounts by several CIA contractors.

Deadline reports:


I know this movie will spark a lot of controversy. The question you have to ask is this, will this movie be a box office hit or a failure? I’m predicting it’s gonna be a hit and here’s why… most of the conservative community really care about Benghazi so all of us are definitely gonna see it. I know the liberal left is gonna probably boycott the movie and will want nothing to do with it but who knows though? Maybe some on the left will see the film just out of curiosity. It’s a known fact that the liberal left don’t care about Benghazi at all so the film will absolutely get a lot of criticism by the left. I really think the left should go see it that way, it could open more eyes and see how dangerous and tragic the Benghazi attack really was.

This movie will be like, “American Sniper”. You know how “American Sniper” was a major box office hit? That’s probably because many conservatives went and saw it. The same thing will happen to “13 Hours”.

I’m sure the “13 Hours” movie is gonna be very violent and graphic, though because the book was and I read the book. There’s definitely gonna be a lot of action and violent scenes. I’m looking forward to it.

I wonder what that fat liberal douchebag, Michael Moore will have something to say about “13 Hours” movie? Michael Moore was quick to attack, “American Sniper” but you know he will have something to say about “13 Hours”… I’ll be waiting for it.

After this movie gets released, hopefully more people will wake up about Benghazi and more people will want answers… that’s probably why this movie was made to hopefully wake up more people since the mainstream media refuses to report about Benghazi.

I’m sure we’ll get a trailer soon.


A third movie about Benghazi will be in the works…

I’m actually glad that Benghazi finally caught the attention of Hollywood. What took them so long?

Now there is a third Benghazi movie in the works. First Michael Bay is adapting the “13 Hours” novel into a movie. Then Relativity Media and Dana Brunetti is developing a movie about Sean Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

Then Alcon Entertainment will be doing a Benghazi movie that’s different than the other two. Alcon is making a Benghazi movie that will happen before the attacks. It’ll be about a real military hero who must remain nameless for security reasons and things will lead up to that tragic day on Sept. 11th, 2012.

More on the story here:


My prediction… once these movies come out, I think they will be very successful in the box office just like “American Sniper”. Why? Simply because we have a lot of conservative people who are real patriots and they will show their patriotism by watching these three films on Benghazi.

Of course, when these movies come out there’s gonna be a lot of controversy, absolutely. There will be of course a huge debate between the right vs. left when these films come out ’cause you all know how libtards feel about Benghazi.

Once these movies come out, I predict even more people will want answers out of these attacks and that’s why I believe Hollywood wants to make movies about Benghazi. To help wake more people up and to help make Benghazi get more well-known. Since the mainstream media ignores Benghazi, it’s time for Hollywood to shove Benghazi in everyone’s faces.

I’m looking forward to these three films. I’ll see all three of them.


More on Michael Bay’s “Benghazi” movie…

Despite the lousy director choice for “13 Hours” the Benghazi story, I’m just happy that a Benghazi big screen movie is finally being made. Why? Simply because more Americans deserves to learn the story. Not many Americans in the United States know the Benghazi story ’cause it’s not being reported in mainstream media much (when it should be). Every American should know the Benghazi story.

Now that the Benghazi “13 Hours” movie is happening, people are going to think that the movie is planning on making Hillary and Barack look good. Don’t worry. It’s not gonna make them look good. If you read the book, “13 Hours” like I did, the story is not gonna focus on the politics of Benghazi. It’s not gonna focus on the cover-ups, the stonewalling and all that bullshit. The Benghazi story in “13 Hours” focuses on what happened on the ground during the 13 Hours the Compound and the CIA Annex was under attack. It tells the story of 3 guys: Tanto, Tig and Oz trying to stop the attacks and protect and save lives.

I just hope Michael Bay does a good job and make the story right. I hope the movie will have good casting too. I’m not a big fan of Michael Bay movies. Most of his movies are crap except there are a few of his movies that I liked. I’m just not a fan of his directing style and his camerawork.

Will the film be a hit? I know a lot of people with conservative beliefs will see the film for sure but liberals probably won’t even bother with it. Despite Michael Bay being the director, I’m probably gonna see it ’cause I’m admittedly curious on his take of it.

Keep in mind though, that the movie is probably gonna be “very” violent and dark like I said before but I still feel the story needs to be told. Every American needs to know about Benghazi. It’s not about Barack and Hillary at all… it’s about American men who sacrificed themselves to protect the USA… that’s us.

I don’t know how Michael Bay is gonna make the film ’cause it’s gonna be kind of difficult to tell the whole 13 hour Benghazi story in a 2 or 3 hour movie but it’s gonna be interesting on how he’s planning to do it.

I just hope he doesn’t mess up the story. I hope he makes it a good one.


Michael Bay in talks to direct Benghazi movie, “13 Hours”…

I’ve called it!!! I’ve said a long time ago that Hollywood is gonna plan on making a big screen movie based upon the Benghazi attacks and I was right. You surprised?

While I’m happy that a Benghazi big screen movie is finally happening, it was only a matter of time… I’m just not happy with the director choice. I’m not a big fan of Michael Bay. I was hoping somebody like Ridley Scott or Clint Eastwood would get the opportunity.


It’s gonna be interesting on who they’re gonna get to play Tanto, Tig and Oz. They’re probably gonna get big name actors for those roles. They’re also probably gonna get actors to play the 4 Americans that died as well.

I wonder who’ll they get to play Ambassador Stevens? Looking at Chris Stevens photos he was in his 50’s so they’ll get an actor around that age range. I’d say Josh Brolin wouldn’t make a bad choice. Kevin Bacon is not a bad idea as well.

Anyway, I’m sure they’ll make “13 Hours” film into a big action film ’cause there were “13 Hours” of violence during the Benghazi attack.

I’m sure the Obama administration and Hillary don’t even want this movie to happen and I have a feeling they’ll do whatever it takes to stop it from getting made.

I hope Michael stays accurate to the story and does a good job. I’m still skeptical, though.


Thoughts on Michael Bay’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”…

I don’t like Michael Bay movies just like most people. I hate what he did to the Transformers movies but surprisingly enough, Michael’s take on the “TMNT” looks kind of interesting to me. This trailer is getting mixed reviews. You either love it or hate it. Some are willing to give a chance and I am too. I think it looks pretty promising. I know CGI Turtles is kind of silly but if you think about it, the CGI Turtles is the right thing to do. I think it would be pretty tough for a human in costume to do all those dangerous stunts, ya know? Back in the 90’s when the original turtles were made for the big screen, the CGI technology wasn’t big back then.

With that being said, I think the new Turtles movie looks pretty cool and I’m willing to give it a chance. I’ll probably go check it out.

Keep in mind, this is just a “teaser” so the next trailer will show a lot more footage from the movie. People shouldn’t be so quick in criticizing.


Brock’s thoughts, on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles controversy…

As a huge fan of the TMNT, I thought I would respond to this as I’m sure some of you are curious on my thoughts. Director Michael Bay, put his fans into outrage again after he announced that he is adapting a re-boot of the TMNT franchise. Then he went on to say that the turtles came from an alien race which upset some of the die-hard fans. Michael then, responded again, telling fans they need to calm down, saying he wants to expand the origins and give it a more complex back up story.

Read the full article, here.

While everyone knows they aren’t aliens, they were actually mutants. They got turned into mutants by radioactive waste. They didn’t come from space or other planets.

While I’m sure that’s not what Michael Bay means, the TMNT’s re-boot is still gonna suck. He’s still going to destroy TMNT’s, just like he destroyed the Transformers franchise. You can betcha the TMNT’s re-boot will be a huge special effects movie full of CGI. I sure hope the Turtles themselves won’t be CGI characters, they probably will be, I wouldn’t be surprised.

On top of all this, it’s not the first that the TMNT’s origin story has been changed. It’s been changed before through the cartoon series, and the animated movie, “Turtles: Forever”. I’m sure they changed the origin stories through the comics many times, as well.

I’m not sure if Michael Bay is directing the “TMNT’s” re-boot or if he’s just producing it, but either way it’s still going to suck. If they can make Master Shredder, all badass and evil looking, I might give it a chance, but I’ve been skeptical of this re-boot even before this controversy started.