More on Michael Bay’s “Benghazi” movie…

Despite the lousy director choice for “13 Hours” the Benghazi story, I’m just happy that a Benghazi big screen movie is finally being made. Why? Simply because more Americans deserves to learn the story. Not many Americans in the United States know the Benghazi story ’cause it’s not being reported in mainstream media much (when it should be). Every American should know the Benghazi story.

Now that the Benghazi “13 Hours” movie is happening, people are going to think that the movie is planning on making Hillary and Barack look good. Don’t worry. It’s not gonna make them look good. If you read the book, “13 Hours” like I did, the story is not gonna focus on the politics of Benghazi. It’s not gonna focus on the cover-ups, the stonewalling and all that bullshit. The Benghazi story in “13 Hours” focuses on what happened on the ground during the 13 Hours the Compound and the CIA Annex was under attack. It tells the story of 3 guys: Tanto, Tig and Oz trying to stop the attacks and protect and save lives.

I just hope Michael Bay does a good job and make the story right. I hope the movie will have good casting too. I’m not a big fan of Michael Bay movies. Most of his movies are crap except there are a few of his movies that I liked. I’m just not a fan of his directing style and his camerawork.

Will the film be a hit? I know a lot of people with conservative beliefs will see the film for sure but liberals probably won’t even bother with it. Despite Michael Bay being the director, I’m probably gonna see it ’cause I’m admittedly curious on his take of it.

Keep in mind though, that the movie is probably gonna be “very” violent and dark like I said before but I still feel the story needs to be told. Every American needs to know about Benghazi. It’s not about Barack and Hillary at all… it’s about American men who sacrificed themselves to protect the USA… that’s us.

I don’t know how Michael Bay is gonna make the film ’cause it’s gonna be kind of difficult to tell the whole 13 hour Benghazi story in a 2 or 3 hour movie but it’s gonna be interesting on how he’s planning to do it.

I just hope he doesn’t mess up the story. I hope he makes it a good one.


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