Michael Bay in talks to direct Benghazi movie, “13 Hours”…

I’ve called it!!! I’ve said a long time ago that Hollywood is gonna plan on making a big screen movie based upon the Benghazi attacks and I was right. You surprised?

While I’m happy that a Benghazi big screen movie is finally happening, it was only a matter of time… I’m just not happy with the director choice. I’m not a big fan of Michael Bay. I was hoping somebody like Ridley Scott or Clint Eastwood would get the opportunity.


It’s gonna be interesting on who they’re gonna get to play Tanto, Tig and Oz. They’re probably gonna get big name actors for those roles. They’re also probably gonna get actors to play the 4 Americans that died as well.

I wonder who’ll they get to play Ambassador Stevens? Looking at Chris Stevens photos he was in his 50’s so they’ll get an actor around that age range. I’d say Josh Brolin wouldn’t make a bad choice. Kevin Bacon is not a bad idea as well.

Anyway, I’m sure they’ll make “13 Hours” film into a big action film ’cause there were “13 Hours” of violence during the Benghazi attack.

I’m sure the Obama administration and Hillary don’t even want this movie to happen and I have a feeling they’ll do whatever it takes to stop it from getting made.

I hope Michael stays accurate to the story and does a good job. I’m still skeptical, though.


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