A third movie about Benghazi will be in the works…

I’m actually glad that Benghazi finally caught the attention of Hollywood. What took them so long?

Now there is a third Benghazi movie in the works. First Michael Bay is adapting the “13 Hours” novel into a movie. Then Relativity Media and Dana Brunetti is developing a movie about Sean Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

Then Alcon Entertainment will be doing a Benghazi movie that’s different than the other two. Alcon is making a Benghazi movie that will happen before the attacks. It’ll be about a real military hero who must remain nameless for security reasons and things will lead up to that tragic day on Sept. 11th, 2012.

More on the story here:


My prediction… once these movies come out, I think they will be very successful in the box office just like “American Sniper”. Why? Simply because we have a lot of conservative people who are real patriots and they will show their patriotism by watching these three films on Benghazi.

Of course, when these movies come out there’s gonna be a lot of controversy, absolutely. There will be of course a huge debate between the right vs. left when these films come out ’cause you all know how libtards feel about Benghazi.

Once these movies come out, I predict even more people will want answers out of these attacks and that’s why I believe Hollywood wants to make movies about Benghazi. To help wake more people up and to help make Benghazi get more well-known. Since the mainstream media ignores Benghazi, it’s time for Hollywood to shove Benghazi in everyone’s faces.

I’m looking forward to these three films. I’ll see all three of them.


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