One thing that Bibi’s re-election victory proves is how fraudulent our election is over here…

I’m sure Barack Obama and other Democrats did all they could to make Bibi lose. They were desperate into defeating him but they failed. They tried funding to anti-Netanyahu groups and I’m almost pretty sure they tried voter fraud. This proves that the Israeli government doesn’t go for voter fraud at all. Their elections are fair and square while all we do over here is cheat.

If our elections over here were fair and square then I’m pretty sure Barack Obama wouldn’t have gotten elected twice. Not only the Democrats have a hand in voter fraud, Republicans too. Our voting system is broken over here for sure on both parties. Cheating elections is a huge problem in the US government.

Bibi’s victory also shows that Barack Obama and liberalism can be defeated. Notice that liberalism is getting weaker and weaker. Republicans got the landslide win in Congress during the mid-term elections. Now conservatives win again over the Israeli election.

Even the people of Israel know that Barack is a pretty bad guy. Barack Obama really is a narcissistic, egomaniac and self centered piece of garbage. At least Israel knows that… I wish the United States would get out of their delusions and see that Barack is a bad guy.

I’m sure Barack woke up in a bad mood and I’m hearing things that Barack has a temper tantrum. Yeah, behind the scenes, I hear he has a bad temper. I can see Barack getting into shouting matches with people and throwing things in the White House… imagine that, HA!

If you want evidence how Barack doesn’t like Bibi Netanyahu is that Barack never congratulated him yet. No phone call. No post on his facebook page or twitter. No nothing. Even the White House facebook/twitter didn’t have anything about Bibi’s re-election.

At least Speaker John Boehner finally congratulated him publicly:

I don’t care what anybody says. Barack Obama is a piece of garbage and something needs to be done about him. Defend him all you want to.


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