HA!!! Even Charlie Sheen knows Obama is an anti-American Kenyan born…

LOL!!! Barry Satera Kenya! LOVE IT!!!!

Charlie does have a point though. Obama should be spending his time doing more important things for the country instead of wasting time and tax paying money appearing on TV shows. I think Obama clearly wants to be “celebrity” instead of “president”. Obama appears on these late night talk shows such as Letterman, Kimmel and many others. Obama also appears on sports shows to predict the NCAA games.

Even more evidence that Obama is anti-America.

Obama is clearly enjoying the fame and loving the attention of it. He’s gotta do what he’s gotta do to keep himself in the mainstream like he did with that “Two Ferns” video with Zach promoting Obamacare. And then Michelle goes on Ellen doing all of these dances and exercises trying to look cool.

We really need a real president who wouldn’t waste their time enjoying their “fame” and focusing most of the time doing things for the country.

Back to Charlie Sheen, he has every right to call out Obama just as much as we all do but sure enough, libtards have to call him a bunch of names by calling him racist or a bigot. Each time someone attacks Obama and tells the truth, yep… liberal backlash.

My belief is that if you’re getting liberals upset and getting them offended, then you’re saying the right things. They hate the truth just like Obama and the Democrats.

Even Charlie knows that Obama’s birth certificate is fake and now I respect Charlie even more.


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