Report: Billy Corgan thinks John Mayer is destroying his career…

Billy Corgan speaks out saying that he thinks, “John Mayer is destroying his own career”. Just by saying a bunch of stupid shit in Playboy, creating a public backlash and being a “celebrity” isntead of an actual “musician”, is what’s killing his career. Billy has nothing negative against John Mayer ’cause Billy says John is very talented musically, he says it’s hard to watch a talented musician burn their career to the ground. Billy says he knows from his own experience as he almost came close to burning the Smashing Pumpkins to the ground at one point.

More on it here:

I’m siding with Billy as always. He brings up a valid point. Honestly though, I think Billy is just trying to defend his friend, Jessica Simpson. Be honest, Billy, you’re totally in love with that woman. He just haven’t admitted to it in public yet.


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