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Report: Billy Corgan thinks John Mayer is destroying his career…

Billy Corgan speaks out saying that he thinks, “John Mayer is destroying his own career”. Just by saying a bunch of stupid shit in Playboy, creating a public backlash and being a “celebrity” isntead of an actual “musician”, is what’s killing his career. Billy has nothing negative against John Mayer ’cause Billy says John is very talented musically, he says it’s hard to watch a talented musician burn their career to the ground. Billy says he knows from his own experience as he almost came close to burning the Smashing Pumpkins to the ground at one point.

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I’m siding with Billy as always. He brings up a valid point. Honestly though, I think Billy is just trying to defend his friend, Jessica Simpson. Be honest, Billy, you’re totally in love with that woman. He just haven’t admitted to it in public yet.


Report: Billy Corgan finally squashes rumours of him dating Jessica Simpson, also talks wrestling, music and writing a book…

Billy Corgan, has been pretty quiet about the rumours of┬áhim dating pop star Jessica Simpson all over the web for a long while. Billy finally decides to speak out about it, squashing the dating rumours, saying they are just good friends, and that’s it. Jessica went to Billy for help on recording guitar parts for a TV show that Jessica is going to star in. Since then, Billy and Jessica developed a friendship.

Billy also talks about being a massive wrestling fan like myself, also talks music and writing a new book.

The question you have to ask is, when will Billy ever get himself a girlfriend and get himself married?

My answer is, he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to. In my eyes, you don’t really need a lover in your life to make your life a good one. You can be single for most of your life and still be a happy person. As long as you have music and other interests you like to do for a passion, that’s all that should matter to you. A lover will happen to you when the time comes. Whenever you think you’re ready to settle down. If music is all you want to do, that’s great.

Being with a lover will take your time away from the things you love to do as you have to rely on your partner all the time and Billy doesn’t want that. It’s seems that he wants his life to be as musical as possible. You don’t need to rush to get yourself a lover, and I am in the same boat as Billy. I’m not rushing for things as I’m happy being single currently. Stay single for as long as you want. Those that are desperate to get a lover and get married “early” are rushing things, in my opinion. You don’t need a lover by your side all the time to make yourself a happy person. I’m not that desperate about “love” and “relationships” as I’m just happy playing my guitar, working out, playing video games and watching movies or things like that.

Billy is the man, kudos!



Thought: I think Jessica Simpson is looking gorgeous and sexy!!

Man, just look at that. Would you sleep with that? I’d hit it! That is Jessica Simpson. People picking on her because of her weight gain. Just like the stupid media is picking on Oprah’s weight gain. Women shouldn’t feel bad about their weight, when they should feel proud of who they are.

I’m no fan of Jessica Simpson’s music, but I think Jessica is looking beautiful. She looks more natural now than the other pop stars. Maybe that’s why the media is picking on her because she doesn’t look fake and plastic like Britney Spears,┬áTaylor Swift, etc. Jessica is looking real.

I actually find women much sexier who have a little bit of weight on them. Those are the type of chicks, I’m attracted to mostly though. They gotta have the lovin’ too, right?