John Mayer quick to respond to Jason Becker’s Ice Bucket Challenge…

While I’m not a big fan of John Mayer’s pop songwriting, I’m not ashamed to admit that he’s a great guitar player, though. Before John Mayer dumped water on his head, he played guitar along to one of Jason Becker’s songs. It can’t be denied that John is a great lead guitar player as you can see here. John can really play. In John’s playing here, you hear the passion and confidence in his playing. John really shows his passion in guitar playing too which you don’t see much in guitar players.

I wish John would quit writing pop songs and just make instrumentals. I think he would make a great instrumental album.

Lets see if EVH and David Lee Roth would respond to it. I’m sure they will and they will make it entertaining, I’m sure.

I would like to play one of Jason Becker’s songs myself but I’m not that kind of guitar player yet. I’m working my way up there, though.


3 thoughts on “John Mayer quick to respond to Jason Becker’s Ice Bucket Challenge…”

  1. He rips. Awesome blues player too. As much as I hate his regular music, I admire the fact that he knew what to do to carve out a living with it.

    1. Someday, I’m gonna play great lead guitar. I’m trying all I can to get there but that is my goal, though. It just takes some time and patience to get great.


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