MTV VMA’s last night…

Last night, after watching 4 episodes of “Dr. Who” The 9th Doctor with Chris Eccleston, I’ve decided to catch the rest of the MTV VMA’s. I did catch a few live performances. I caught the Iggy and Rita Ora performance which was great. I caught Taylor Swift performing “Shake It Off” which was great. I also caught the ending… Beyonce’s performance and I wanted to talk about that a little bit…

I’ve noticed that Beyonce was onstage for quite a while. They gave her a lot of stage time than any other artists. Of course, when it comes to Beyonce, they have to bring in gossip and drama into it by bringing Jay Z and their daughter, Blue Ivy into things for more ratings and more attention. Of course, they were gonna have Beyonce and Jay-Z close out the show with a long boring performance. Yes, they did it to squash divorce rumors but that didn’t need to be a part of the show. The whole point about the VMA’s is about celebrating music, not their personal lives but of course, it’s MTV so what do you expect??? MTV was willing to let Beyonce squash divorce rumors with Jay-Z on TV ’cause they know the internet and social networking will be all over it.

If you wanna know what kind of bullshit that MTV was going to try to pull with the VMA’s last night, that was it. The Beyonce and Jay-Z thing. Typical MTV. Nothing to see here, move along. *sigh*

I’m tired of the industry shoving this couple in our faces. They are not the hottest couple in music… Johnny Cash and June Carter were.

Mainstream music today really is a joke… although I do like a few artists of today’s mainstream. Iggy is one of them and I like Lorde too.

I’m not a fan of Beyonce although her performance last night was funny to watch.


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