Confirmed: John Mayer to host his own prime time TV show for CBS…

John Mayer famous musician, singer/songwriter and guitarist is confirmed to host his own TV variety show for CBS. Mayer the man himself, exclusively broke the news to TMZ. The show will come on the air on CBS sometime in 2009. It is said to be mostly a variety music show, like live performances and interviews with other famous musicians, etc.

Mayer did a video with TMZ making fun of himself as a celebrity in the streets of NYC where Mayer currently resides. See the video in the link below and it’s actually kind of entertaining.

TMZ reports:

Noticing celebrities in the streets of NYC is very hard to spot. When I was in NYC just last weekend, I didn’t spot any celebrities walking around. Famous people is very hard to spot out in public. They do walk around NYC very often, it’s just that a lot of celebs walk around the city wearing hats and sunglasses so they wouldn’t get recognized. Some celebrities don’t disguise themselves though but still there is so much people in NYC.

If you want to run into an actual celeb in person, you have to really know what they look like. Meeting celebs out in public isn’t easy, when regular people like myself runs into a famous person in the streets it mostly happens by accident.

I don’t think Mayer’s TV show will last long, he should stick with the music ’cause he is a great guitarist although I don’t really care for his songwriting.


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