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My thoughts on Jennifer Lawrence leaked nude photos…

Gossip blogger, Perez Hilton, was the first to post leaked uncensored nude photos of Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence to the internets for the whole world to see. Of course, Perez is under fire for it and he’s getting blamed for invading her privacy. Look, I’m no fan of Perez Hilton myself. I can’t stand him much like the next person but don’t blame him for Jennifer’s nude photos. In his defense, this is not his fault at all. Jennifer says her phone was hacked and her nude photos were stolen but hey, once again, it’s not Perez’s fault. Who’s fault is this?

It’s none other than Jennifer’s fault herself. 

I understand that privately taking nude photos of yourself for your friends or significant others may sound a lot of fun but in this day and age of technology, it’s a risky thing to do these days. If you don’t want your nude photos to get posted by someone else online publicly… then best thing to do is take some responsibility and have some self-respect.


If you have nude photos of yourself whether you’re male or female, chances are, it’s gonna get posted online. 

Notice that nude photos of celebs getting leaked to the internets is a huge problem these days. That’s because once you become a famous person, gossip and tabloid sites will be looking for sex tapes or nude photos. 

It’s not just famous people that gets their sex tapes or nude photos leaked is the problem… it can happen to all of us. 

Jennifer is in trouble now ’cause even if her photos are deleted, nothing is ever deleted when it comes to the internet. I’m sure her nude photos are spreaded around at celebrity porn sites all over the internet now even if Perez deleted the photos. 

This was her own fault that this happened. 

With that being said, I wished I saw the uncensored photos before perez took them down but I’m sure those photos will come up somewhere else, though. I did see the “censored” versions, however. She showed it all… tits, ass and pussy. Look like she has a natural body too. No plastic surgery. No breast implants even though she has large boobs. I’d say she’s pretty hot. 

I would like to see the uncensored versions if I can find ’em on a website that is safe and no spyware. 

This wasn’t Perez’s fault. I mean, if you’ve discovered nude photos of a celebrity would you have posted them publicly yourself? I know I would!!! I’m not allowed to post nude photos or pornographic videos here ’cause it’s against the TOS of wordpress. 

If you wanna see the censored versions just google it. 

I thought this was an interesting story. 

Remember, this was her own damn fault. If she didn’t want the pics on the net, then she shouldn’t have taken them in the first place. The end. 


EDIT TO ADD: I just saw the uncensored versions on twitter and she’s amazing. She has a beautiful and natural body indeed. Again, I’d like to post the pics here but pornography, not allowed on wordpress. 

To the fans who back Perez Hilton and actually think he’s going to change…

I just watched Perez Hilton’s video again, on how he’s going to change his blog personality to a more positive manner. There are too many fans that actually believe in him. They have Perez’s back by saying stuff like, “Good for you, Perez, it’s about time” or “Please stay this way”, and all that. The reason they believe in him, ’cause they don’t understand what Perez is actually saying in this video.

First of all, Perez Hilton doesn’t admit to being a bully at all. He made it clear that he thinks picking on celebrities was for comedy purposes, he never thought himself as being a bully. Then he goes around, saying he’s a nice guy with a lot of heart. Sorry, people, but you don’t call yourself a “nice person, with a lot of heart”. You let other people call you that. You will know that you are a nice person, when people treat you the same way you want to be treated. If someone were to think that you’re an asshole, people would let you know that too.

Secondly, it seems that this video is all about plugging himself, self promotion. Talking about his new websites and all that. He also goes on saying, “If I lose readers and lose more traffic, I don’t care”, that is also very negative and not positive.

Thirdly, Perez doesn’t even apologize for harassing celebrities on his website. Yes, he did apologize for something, the only thing he said he’s sorry for and he regrets it is making fun of celebrity kids. He didn’t even apologize for making fun of Jennifer Aniston or Lindsay Lohan or Carrie Prejean or Will.I.Am, and other adult celebrities he’s bullied in the past.

Learn to comprehend of what Perez is really trying to say here, Perez readers. He spends most of his time ranting about stupid shit about himself and claims he’ll become a better person. It doesn’t matter how better of a person you try to become. Once a douche, always a douche. This won’t last long folks, trust me. He’ll go back on a rage when he starts feuding with another celebrity in the media.

Fuck Perez Hilton. The guy’s a whacked out loser.

BTW, this goes back to remind me about my past, when I used to make blogs to bully local musicians that I didn’t like. I stopped doing that a long time ago and had to change to positive in local music. I’ll never go back to that.

Report: Perez Hilton vows to end bullying celebrities for good…but for how long?

Perez Hilton went on Ellen’s show and he revealed some shocking news, that he vows to end bullying and harassing celebrities on his website.

Read more on the story, here.

While I have noticed that Perez Hilton have been nice on his blog lately. He’s even been nice to Miley Cyrus, instead of calling her slutty Cyrus like he normally does, he defended her for her new music video that she put out.

This is Perez’s way of help fighting teen gay bullying that’s been in the news lately. Do I agree with Perez going positive? I don’t know. Him being the controversial blogger is what made him King of Entertainment blogging. He might lose readers and advertisers if he decided to go positive all of a sudden.

Maybe him getting punched out by Will I. Am taught him a lesson after all? I honestly think he means it. Lets hope he stays this way.


Report: Colin Farrell rumoured to play Ozzy in Ozzy biopic???

Perez Hilton was the first to catch the news of Colin Farrell being casted as Ozzy for the upcoming Ozzy biopic that’s in the works. Keep in mind that this is fucking Perez Hilton we’re talking here. He could be full of shit. Starting rumours just to get attention to his site.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Colin speaks out on the rumour the next day, denying this.

More on it here:


I hope it’s not true ’cause I don’t like Colin as an actor.


Report: Perez claims Miley photo is fake but it’s still wrong…

Even if the photo is fake, I believe it is still illegal to photoshop private parts on an underage kid. I’d love to see Perez get arrested for this but it’s unlikely that would happen. Perez has a team of lawyers that he could get away with anything.

You gotta wonder what Billy Ray thought of this? Here comes another Billy Ray vs. Perez feud.

More on it here:



Report: Perez Hilton posts a half nude photo of Miley Cyrus and yes, uncensored…

Can you believe this?


And Perez never took it down either, he still has it up…


The article above forgot to mention that posting porn of any kind is against the rules of the TOS on twitter. Since it involves an underage girl it also falls under the “unlawful use” rule.

Would Perez’s twitter account be suspended or deleted? All we can do is hope. Yep, he will probably get away with it though. He has a team of lawyers. If his twitter account got taken down, he’d probably threaten to sue twitter. I bet he thinks he has the 100% right to post that.

Lets hope Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus press charges too.


Report: Noel Gallagher is also top contender to replace Simon Cowell on “Idol”…

Now this one is even better than Perez Hilton! If A.I. hires Noel to be judge, I would definitely watch for sure! If you read Noel Gallagher’s interviews through the internet, music magazines, the radio, etc. you would know for sure that Noel is brutally honest with music. Noel is rude and crude. When he thinks music sucks, he’s not afraid to say it even if it’s really harsh and mean, he’ll be open about it. Only problem is though, Noel swears and cusses a lot. Noel will say things like, “that’s fucking shit” and all that. That’s him, it’s his dark sense of humor. So, A.I. would definitely have to be careful with him ’cause Noel wouldn’t help himself but say something very offensive that’s too bad for TV. I don’t take what Noel says seriously ’cause I find him a funny guy myself. He’s another good choice.

Plus, it’ll be a great opportunity for Noel Gallagher to give a plug to his upcoming solo career that he has planned. He could become a well known solo musician just by being a judge for, A.I. and I think this is a good idea for Noel.



Report: Simon Cowell picks his replacement and who is it? No one other than Perez Hilton…

Perez Hilton spoke out that he is dying to be Simon Cowell’s replacement on “American Idol”. Well guess what, folks? Simon Cowell likes it and actually agrees with it. Simon says, no one on Idol has reached out to Howard Stern yet. Simon thinks Howard doesn’t have the musical experience enough to be a judge, anyways.

As long as Simon wants Perez, A.I. will probably end up getting him. As much I don’t like Perez Hilton, he would be an entertaining judge since he is the king of controversy of all media. I’d say go for him. The “A.I”. audiences would hate Perez worse than Simon and I can see the audience giving Perez very strong boos.

Simon also says he wants Lady Gaga to be the guest judge toward the end of the season before he goes out.



Sorry, John Mayer but apologies for being a racist homo pig don’t work…

John Mayer may have apologized on twitter for being a flat out disgusting racist gay moron, but it doesn’t change anything.  There is nothing wrong with white men not having a sexual attraction with black women, but if you’re going to be open and honest about it, try not to sound like a racist. It is not you, it is how you say it. It doesn’t make a white man racist for not having sexual attraction with black women however, it does make you racist when you use the “N” word, and when you say offensive things like your dick is a white supremacist.

Then he goes on to talk about Jessica Simpson’s personal life and goes on to rant about his boyfriend, Perez Hilton.

John is no stranger to controversy in the gossip world as he done things like this before, but this time he crosses the line. If John ever comes out of the closet someday which he probably will, that will probably be all over the news for months and months as well. Perez is all over John on his site. I can understand it ’cause John probably went to the club on New Year’s Eve to kiss Perez for publicity, as a ploy to get Perez going on his site. John claims he hates Perez, but I don’t buy it, since he admits he looks at his site and just did a make out session with him.

I was never a fan of John’s music, but I’ll admit that he is a killer guitar player, he’s an excellent guitarist. If John wants to be known as a music artist, he’s going to be known as a gossip celebrity forever if he don’t knock it off.

I mean, when I get back to making music and get myself a band one day, I’m probably gonna quit my entertainment blogging to focus on getting known as a music artist. If you’re a musician or a band, you got to be careful on how you promote yourself. More on that some other time.