My thoughts on Jennifer Lawrence leaked nude photos…

Gossip blogger, Perez Hilton, was the first to post leaked uncensored nude photos of Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence to the internets for the whole world to see. Of course, Perez is under fire for it and he’s getting blamed for invading her privacy. Look, I’m no fan of Perez Hilton myself. I can’t stand him much like the next person but don’t blame him for Jennifer’s nude photos. In his defense, this is not his fault at all. Jennifer says her phone was hacked and her nude photos were stolen but hey, once again, it’s not Perez’s fault. Who’s fault is this?

It’s none other than Jennifer’s fault herself. 

I understand that privately taking nude photos of yourself for your friends or significant others may sound a lot of fun but in this day and age of technology, it’s a risky thing to do these days. If you don’t want your nude photos to get posted by someone else online publicly… then best thing to do is take some responsibility and have some self-respect.


If you have nude photos of yourself whether you’re male or female, chances are, it’s gonna get posted online. 

Notice that nude photos of celebs getting leaked to the internets is a huge problem these days. That’s because once you become a famous person, gossip and tabloid sites will be looking for sex tapes or nude photos. 

It’s not just famous people that gets their sex tapes or nude photos leaked is the problem… it can happen to all of us. 

Jennifer is in trouble now ’cause even if her photos are deleted, nothing is ever deleted when it comes to the internet. I’m sure her nude photos are spreaded around at celebrity porn sites all over the internet now even if Perez deleted the photos. 

This was her own fault that this happened. 

With that being said, I wished I saw the uncensored photos before perez took them down but I’m sure those photos will come up somewhere else, though. I did see the “censored” versions, however. She showed it all… tits, ass and pussy. Look like she has a natural body too. No plastic surgery. No breast implants even though she has large boobs. I’d say she’s pretty hot. 

I would like to see the uncensored versions if I can find ’em on a website that is safe and no spyware. 

This wasn’t Perez’s fault. I mean, if you’ve discovered nude photos of a celebrity would you have posted them publicly yourself? I know I would!!! I’m not allowed to post nude photos or pornographic videos here ’cause it’s against the TOS of wordpress. 

If you wanna see the censored versions just google it. 

I thought this was an interesting story. 

Remember, this was her own damn fault. If she didn’t want the pics on the net, then she shouldn’t have taken them in the first place. The end. 


EDIT TO ADD: I just saw the uncensored versions on twitter and she’s amazing. She has a beautiful and natural body indeed. Again, I’d like to post the pics here but pornography, not allowed on wordpress. 

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