Sept. is Benghazi month, get ready America!!!

The 2nd Anniversary of the Sept. 11th 2012 attacks on a US Consulate in Benghazi is quickly approaching us. We still have no closure and we still don’t know anything about what happened on that horrible night. This Friday, FOX News will air a documentary special about the attacks which I plan on watching and on Tuesday Sept. 9th, there are two books coming out which I also plan on reading.

You see, Benghazi is not about trying to take down Barack and Hillary. That’s not what this is all about and not what we’re trying to do at all. We just want answers and justices for those 4. Benghazi is about America too which a lot of folks can’t understand. The attacks concerns both liberals and conservatives. It concerns every American.

We need to get those held accountable for the attacks. Whether or not Barack and Hillary ordered the attack… either way they didn’t lift a finger to help save those 4 so that alone deserves some harsh punishment for Barack and Hillary. They still deserve prison time either way.

The investigations and hearings will begin as soon as Congress returns from their break and the action will start early this Sept.

We should learn more about the attacks as the investigations go along. It’s probably gonna be a long and tough investigation but it would be amazing that Trey finds out everything even sooner. The sooner, the better. Hopefully we get lucky enough to get a closure before 2014 ends. Benghazi deserves a closure and those 4 deserve their justices. Those 4 sacrificed themselves to protect all of us.

Anybody who has anything negative to say about Benghazi and it’s investigation is an ignorant piece of shit loser who don’t know anything about politics.

I pray and hope we get a closure soon. Get ’em, Trey!!! He will do a good job!

If Congress streams the Benghazi hearings live on the internet, I will probably watch.


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