Report: Noel Gallagher is also top contender to replace Simon Cowell on “Idol”…

Now this one is even better than Perez Hilton! If A.I. hires Noel to be judge, I would definitely watch for sure! If you read Noel Gallagher’s interviews through the internet, music magazines, the radio, etc. you would know for sure that Noel is brutally honest with music. Noel is rude and crude. When he thinks music sucks, he’s not afraid to say it even if it’s really harsh and mean, he’ll be open about it. Only problem is though, Noel swears and cusses a lot. Noel will say things like, “that’s fucking shit” and all that. That’s him, it’s his dark sense of humor. So, A.I. would definitely have to be careful with him ’cause Noel wouldn’t help himself but say something very offensive that’s too bad for TV. I don’t take what Noel says seriously ’cause I find him a funny guy myself. He’s another good choice.

Plus, it’ll be a great opportunity for Noel Gallagher to give a plug to his upcoming solo career that he has planned. He could become a well known solo musician just by being a judge for, A.I. and I think this is a good idea for Noel.


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