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Thanks to “Rambo: Last Blood” trailer, I can’t get the “Old Town Road” song out of my head… it’s actually a pretty killer song!!!

Whose singing voice is that you hear during the “Rambo: Last Blood” trailer? Well that is none other than Billy Ray Cyrus, the country music icon who mostly known for his hit “Achy Breaky Heart”!!!

When I heard the song on the trailer, I thought it was a new song by Billy Ray Cyrus but it ended up being a song by a rapper by the name of Lil Nas. He actually wrote the song but Billy Ray did some vocal parts to it. I’m not into rap and country that much but I do listen to some of that stuff. It is interesting how this song mixes both of these genres together.

I looked up Lil Nas on google to see if he has any albums out but unfortunately he doesn’t yet. It looks like he’s a pretty new artist but I’m sure he’ll have a full length album soon with this song on it. I don’t buy single songs, I’m a full album guy so when Lil Nas puts out an album with this song on it, I’ll buy it.

“Old Town Road” is a great song. Can’t get it out of my head and I just love the melody. The lyrics are very cool too. Because of “Rambo: Last Blood” trailer this song became an immediate hit pretty quickly which was cool to see. That means even more publicity for the film. If this song is going to be released for the “Rambo: Last Blood” movie soundtrack only, I’ll probably get the soundtrack instead when it comes out. It’s a really well-written song, though. I was impressed by it and Billy Ray’s vocals are killer too.


BREAKING NEWS: Billy Ray Cyrus responds to Miley video, via twitter!!!

Billy Ray Cyrus, the former country star and father of Miley, spoke about the video with his daughter smoking Salvia from a bong. He admitted to the public that he’s very sad about it.

Billy Ray tweeted, this.

Ouch! Look like Miley is in deep trouble! Even if Salvia is legal to posses in California, it’s still very bad to use. Hope Billy Ray does something fast before Miley turns herself into a junkie. That’s the trouble with being big & famous. Not everyone’s going to be your friend and people will do anything to make you look bad for the world to see.


Report: Perez claims Miley photo is fake but it’s still wrong…

Even if the photo is fake, I believe it is still illegal to photoshop private parts on an underage kid. I’d love to see Perez get arrested for this but it’s unlikely that would happen. Perez has a team of lawyers that he could get away with anything.

You gotta wonder what Billy Ray thought of this? Here comes another Billy Ray vs. Perez feud.

More on it here:



Report: Billy Ray Cyrus didn’t know photos at Vanity Fair was stripping Miley down…

Remember Vanity Fair defended themselves saying that Miley’s parents were in present during the Miley Cyrus nude shooting for the Vanity Fair magazine cover? It appears it isn’t true. Billy Ray Cyrus himself spoke out about this controversy publicily for the first time on the Today Show with Meredith Viera.

Billy Ray wasn’t aware of what was going on in the Vanity Fair photo studio, he said, “Her publicist was there … I didn’t know they were going to strip her down and wrap her with a blanket”.

While Billy Ray was scheduled to take a pic with his daughter MIley for that same Vanity Fair magazine, he wasn’t aware of the magazine having plans to shoot Miley nude with a blanket wrapped around her. After Billy Ray’s photoshoot with Miley, he left the studio to play a concert for the troops in Washington. Then they shot her nude after he left.

Rather than being worried and suspicious about Vanity Fair, instead he says, “but stuff happens, it’s life”.

More on it here:


If that was my daughter I would have pressed charges on the magazine for endangering the welfare of a child. This is not considered child porn because Miley wasn’t shot hardcore, it was PG-13 type of photos if you know what I mean. But I think it’s still illegal to have a naked 13 year old girl in a photo studio. And all Billy Ray had to say was, “stuff happens, it’s life”? Pffffttttt….what kind of father are you Billy Ray? I’d say a terrible one in fact.