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Time to prove that Bobbi Kristina Brown was a crackhead like her mother, autopsy to be released to public soon…

Ever since Bobbi Kristina Brown died, the mainstream media protected her ever since. They won’t say what happened to her and they won’t admit the real reason she died… she was on crack like her mother was. Everybody wants to point the blame on the boyfriend but her death records would show that she did this to herself, that’s why they kept it all sealed. Well, it’s time to release that stuff to the public. Time to prove that Bobbi K. was a junkie like her mother. The family protected her and the media protected her.

Come on guys, it’s obvious she died the same way her mother did. Everybody knows it. It’s just that it hasn’t been proven yet ’cause they wouldn’t release the death records and all that stuff. Crack runs in the family, y’all. Both Bobby Brown and Whitney were crackheads, they turned Bobbi K into a crackhead too. They’ll never admit that Bobbi K did this to herself and they want to blame someone else.


Don’t be surprised if I turn out exactly right.


There’s no such term as “accidental overdose” it was made up by the mainstream media, idiots…

“Accidental overdose” is not an actual term. It was totally made up by the mainstream media and the sad part is that most people take it seriously. So just because the media says it then it must be true, huh? (sarcasm)

I repeat there is no such thing as accidental overdose. They not only called the Scott Weiland death, “accidental overdose”… they called Heath Ledger that too. They only call it “accidental overdose” when a famous person dies. The fake term “accidental overdose” is just a lame ass excuse used by the media to describe a death of a famous person who died of drugs that they took on “purpose”. It doesn’t make sense to call an overdose “accidental”. It’s just silly. Foolish if you think about it. If you take drugs, you are purposefully doing that to yourself. If you die of it, then it’s your fault. Drugs don’t find their way into human bodies accidentally. There’s nothing “accidental” about it.

The term “accidental overdose” was used so this famous person who died of drugs wouldn’t get so much flak for it from the public and I’m pretty sure the media lied about it being “accidental”. Why did they choose the words “accidental overdose”? To avoid lawsuit from family members? Maybe that’s a part of it. Maybe the family wanted it that way as well?

Why not be realistic about it and call it just an “overdose” ’cause that’s what it really was technically.

That term “accidental overdose” first came up when Heath Ledger died. There is a such a thing as “accidental death” but it’s not the same thing as “accidental overdose”. I do know that the term “accidental overdose” means that he never intended to commit suicide but whether it’s an accident or not, it’s a suicide no matter what you think of it. If you take drugs, you did that to yourself.

When a famous person dies and they call it “accidental overdose”, it’s just the media’s sneaky way of never admitting that this person did it to themselves. They can’t accept the fact that they did it to themselves. They can’t take the truth and it is bothering them. So the media calls it “accidental overdose” so they don’t lose their viewers and their audience.

Just a few things to think about for a few minutes.


They’re keeping Bobbi Kristina Brown’s final autopsy sealed ’cause she OD’d on crack… come on now…

The only reason they’re keeping the final autopsy sealed is ’cause they’re hiding something from the public. They will never publicly admit that Bobbi K. died ’cause she OD’d on crack just like her mother. Even though we all know that she probably died of crack overdose, they won’t show us the autopsy ’cause it will not show any evidence that Nick Gordon did this to her and the autopsy will prove she did this to herself.


Why won’t they admit that she did this to herself? That’s one thing I can never understand. They’re trying to make it look like that she’s some sweet innocent young girl who didn’t deserve this but she was a crackhead like her mother was. They just can’t take the truth.


Bobbi Kristina dies… not surprisingly…

As I predicted, Bobbi K. wasn’t gonna make it. Sad but “crack” runs in the family. Like daughter, like mother, ya know?


The media and the family wants to blame the boyfriend, Nick Gordon but it was really Bobby and Whitney’s fault that this happened. Bad parents who turned their daughter into a drug addict. As I expected, the media won’t tell us how she died either.

Be ready for an Obama statement in 3, 2, 1…


Nick Gordon blames drugs for Bobbi Kristina incident and I agree with him!!!

Ever since all this Bobbi Kristina stuff started, the media was all quiet and secretive of what really happened to her. The media did all their best to protect Bobbi Kristina, even TMZ got in on it. The media and Bobbi Kristina’s family wanna blame her boyfriend, Nick Gordon… well looks like Nick is getting fed up with all the accusations and he’s defending himself by saying, Bobbi Kristina OD’d on drugs. The media and the family knew it was drugs all along ’cause I’m pretty sure the hospital did a drug test on her and it probably came out positive. They just didn’t release the results. They wanna blame the boyfriend but nobody wants to admit that Bobbi Kristina did this to herself and she had a lot of problems like her mother.


Bobbi K’s family just can’t take the truth so they put the blame on someone else. Desperately trying to get Nick Gordon jailed. Yeah, Nick definitely had his problems with drugs too but that didn’t mean he turned Bobbi K into a drug addict. Maybe Bobbi K turned into a drug addict ’cause her parents, Whitney and Bobby Brown taught her to be a drug addict? They were horrible parents ’cause they even did drugs in front of her when Bobbi K was a child. Guess where she learned it from?

Bobbi K is probably not gonna make it but that’s the way it goes. Drugs are bad. Don’t do them. If you’re on them, get help before it’s too late.


Um, yeah Scott Weiland doesn’t look like he’s on heroin here (sarcasm)…

A new interview with Scott Weiland just appeared and it’s freakin’ hilarious. Scott here is still blaming the “ear piece” on that performance and he claims he isn’t on anything. Well, watch Scott throughout the interview. He’s definitely messed up and high on something. Scott not being able to stand well and he’s having trouble speaking clearly too. The way he’s speaking, he’s talking as if he’s “high” on something like a Cheech and Chong kind of thing. Also, if you go to 4:45 in the video, you can see that he’s even struggling to pass the mic over to the interviewer. It’s looking like that Scott was trying to hand the mic over but the interviewer ends up taking the mic from him.

This doesn’t seem like Scott Weiland. In the past, Scott’s interviews were always very intelligent and insightful but he’s really bizarre in this video.

People get concerned for his health and his best response was that he’s calling out the “asshole media” and he calls his fans, “haters”??? Yeah, real professional response, dude.


Wow!!! Obama shortens prison sentences to 22 drug convicts… no surprise there…

Outraged at Obama yet? Nope probably not. Libtards will once again think what Obama did here was a heroic thing.

Obama reduced the prison sentences to 22 Federal prison inmates all across the states. These prison sentences will expire on July 28th.

Looking through this list most of these convicts are cocaine addicts which is no surprise to see ’cause Barack Obama happens to be a cokehead himself, just an FYI (Larry Sinclair warned us about it).



I’ve always believed that Kurt Cobain was murdered and he didn’t actually kill himself…

For many years in my blogs, I’ve always believed that Kurt Cobain was murdered, and he didn’t actually commit suicide. I still stand by it too! For hints on how you can tell, first of all… take a look at Kurt’s so called suicide note pictured above. Notice the last part of this writing where it begins with “Please Keep Going  Courtney”, and the rest — notice how the handwriting is a little different? I believe that this write-up was just a letter to somebody that Kurt was ranting about that he wasn’t feeling the passion and love for music and he was thinking about quitting music. Who ever killed him finished this write-up for him and made it look like a suicide note instead. Secondly, at the time of Kurt’s death, he was loaded on heroin in his system so I would think he would be incapable of pulling the trigger himself. Makes sense right? On top of that, on the final days of Kurt’s life, Dave said that Kurt was a pretty happy guy and he was all smiles before his death. Really, read Dave’s interviews online about Kurt’s final days.

One more thing, what is, “To Boddha” in the introduction of this write-up? Is that a misspelling of Courtney Love of “Buddha”? She has always been a horrible writer — “To Boddha” and the closing of this note kind of matches Courtney’s writing style. If you look closely, you can see that Kurt was a better writer than who ever finished the note for him. “Buddha” is just another word for god as it is widely known that Kurt Cobain was a Buddhist. I don’t think he was writing this to god. Maybe he was just writing this note as a letter to a friend or to himself. Don’t know. Just making observations.

There have been a couple of theories on how Kurt was murdered.

One big theory is that Courtney Love hired a hitman named El Duce who was also a musician — Courtney offered him 50 grand to kill Cobain as the man claimed himself on the documentary “Kurt and Courtney”. Another theory is that another musician named Allen Wrench may have killed both Cobain and El Duce.

Why would Courtney or other musicians want to kill Cobain? Jealousy and ego maybe a huge part of it. Plus, they wanted to take Kurt’s fame and it seems like Courtney wanted to own Nirvana’s entire song catalog which she has been fighting for a long time now. That’s what Cobain got for marrying another drugged up whack job like Courtney. She probably hung out with bad people which will eventually end up Kurt being dead.

Kurt may have been messed up on drugs but from the sounds of things he really wasn’t ready to go yet ’cause I’m sure he wanted to be alive for his daughter, Frances.

Many believe that Kurt committed suicide ’cause that’s what they wanted it to look like and many believed it. There’s no doubt in my mind that Kurt was murdered and they got away with it successfully. Before Kurt’s death, he was getting ready to breakup Nirvana anyways so that’s another hint that he wasn’t ready to die yet.

In the videos below, watch the creepy interview with El Duce himself and listen to the song he wrote about Kurt’s so called suicide. There’s no way to prove that El Duce was the actual killer ’cause he’s dead now.


Rant about celebrities that die of drugs…

So it turns out that Corey Monteith the star of the show, “Glee” (a show I don’t watch), turns out dead due to heroin and alcohol. Surprise, surprise. Sure enough, the entire internet will mourn him. My question is, why is it that male celebrities who die of drugs always get the support from the public while the women celebrities who die of drugs always get shitted on? It’s all hypocritical and bullshit. Pretty sexist too.

People mourn the deaths of male stars who die of drugs such as Heath Ledger and others. While women such as Amy Winehouse, Mindy McCready, and Whitney Houston always getting so much hate and disrespect.

I don’t mean to be an ass and don’t mean to do this so soon but I call things like it is.

I think both male and female celebrities should get respect when they die of drugs/alcohol. If you need more proof that the world and the media is messed up, here you go.



Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter thoughts…

I’m not much of a fan of Bon Jovi’s music (can’t stand him, really) but I thought I would reply to this. I’m sure many people are blaming Jon Bon for, Stephanie Bongiovi’s, possible heroin addiction. I wouldn’t blame Jon for this. I don’t think Jon ever did any illegal drugs in his years. I’m sure people thought he did drugs in his earlier days of his career during the 80’s, when the hair metal thing was big, but I’m pretty sure, Jon lived a pretty clean lifestyle. I don’t think he’s much of a drinker either. Correct me if I’m wrong on whether or not Jon Bon did any alcohol or drugs over the years. I don’t think there has been any reports or evidence that he was. It sounds like his daughter, Stephanie, is just a hard partier and hangs out with the wrong crowd. I won’t blame Jon Bon for this. I think it might be Stephanie, partying with a bunch of college kids who thought it was cool to party with someone who has a rock star, Dad.

This is a pretty sad story, though. I’m sure Jon is worried as hell about her, and he might have to take a break from his career in care for her. I wish both of them well.