Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter thoughts…

I’m not much of a fan of Bon Jovi’s music (can’t stand him, really) but I thought I would reply to this. I’m sure many people are blaming Jon Bon for, Stephanie Bongiovi’s, possible heroin addiction. I wouldn’t blame Jon for this. I don’t think Jon ever did any illegal drugs in his years. I’m sure people thought he did drugs in his earlier days of his career during the 80’s, when the hair metal thing was big, but I’m pretty sure, Jon lived a pretty clean lifestyle. I don’t think he’s much of a drinker either. Correct me if I’m wrong on whether or not Jon Bon did any alcohol or drugs over the years. I don’t think there has been any reports or evidence that he was. It sounds like his daughter, Stephanie, is just a hard partier and hangs out with the wrong crowd. I won’t blame Jon Bon for this. I think it might be Stephanie, partying with a bunch of college kids who thought it was cool to party with someone who has a rock star, Dad.

This is a pretty sad story, though. I’m sure Jon is worried as hell about her, and he might have to take a break from his career in care for her. I wish both of them well.


6 thoughts on “Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter thoughts…”

  1. Actually if you look around, Jon is being blamed everywhere. I don’t look at TMZ too much, but some of the comments on this story, they’re blaming Jon like crazy. Making claims that she bought the drugs from Jon’s money, and calling her a spoiled little rich girl, and all that stuff. They also think she’s off the hook because of him, when it wasn’t the case. She walked because of a new law that people don’t really understand. Look around, people are pointing fingers at Jon everywhere in other blogs and forums. It’s unfair. Jon is too busy with his career, that he doesn’t know what goes on with her.

    Like I said, she was probably hanging out with the wrong crowd, who taught her to get into drugs. People need to grow up and show some compassion. Jon is probably hurt and heartbroken, and I’m sure he will help and try to get her into rehab.


  2. Actually, he did use drugs. There’s a documentary where they talk about the anti-drug concert Bon Jovi and a buncha other metal bands did in the Soviet Union, and how ironic it was because they were all blasted the entire time.

    1. Maybe he did use drugs in his younger years, but I’m sure he doesn’t anymore though. Wasn’t quite sure if he did or not ’cause there hasn’t really been anything about it.


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