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Like I predicted Bobbi Kristina died the same way her mother, the truth is finally out!

Really you gotta be stupid to think that drugs wasn’t involved in her death. The family and the media stonewalled her death results and the truth finally came out. Even though the truth is out now, they’re still going to find ways to place the blame on her boyfriend, Nick Gordon. The family and the media won’t give up.


Why would Bobbi K. do this to herself? Did she intentionally wanted to die the same way her mother? Bobbi K’s way of honoring her or something? Bobbi K probably wanted to be in the same place as her mother.

Why can’t the Brown/Houston family have some compassion instead of playing the blame game? That family will never admit Bobbi K did to herself ’cause they can’t take the truth.


Time to prove that Bobbi Kristina Brown was a crackhead like her mother, autopsy to be released to public soon…

Ever since Bobbi Kristina Brown died, the mainstream media protected her ever since. They won’t say what happened to her and they won’t admit the real reason she died… she was on crack like her mother was. Everybody wants to point the blame on the boyfriend but her death records would show that she did this to herself, that’s why they kept it all sealed. Well, it’s time to release that stuff to the public. Time to prove that Bobbi K. was a junkie like her mother. The family protected her and the media protected her.

Come on guys, it’s obvious she died the same way her mother did. Everybody knows it. It’s just that it hasn’t been proven yet ’cause they wouldn’t release the death records and all that stuff. Crack runs in the family, y’all. Both Bobby Brown and Whitney were crackheads, they turned Bobbi K into a crackhead too. They’ll never admit that Bobbi K did this to herself and they want to blame someone else.


Don’t be surprised if I turn out exactly right.


Bobbi Kristina ex-roommate says she did crack and heroin, yeah no shit… we all know that’s probably how she died…

First Bobbi K’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon came forward with info that Bobbi was on crack and other drugs but still the family & the media wanna blame the death on him. Now here comes another person making the same claims that Bobbi K was a flat out junkie like her mother. She did crack & heroin pretty often during last month before her death.


Why is the media still protecting Bobbi K and refusing to admit she probably did this to herself and drugged herself to death? Release that autopsy report that they’re keeping sealed from the public and we’ll see if her ex-roommate is right. Her body is probably loaded with crack and heroin in her system. The family and the media knows how she died, they refuse to release her cause of death to the public for whatever reason. They wanna keep blaming Nick Gordon and I’m sure he had nothing to do with her death at all. She did this to herself, pure and simple.


They’re keeping Bobbi Kristina Brown’s final autopsy sealed ’cause she OD’d on crack… come on now…

The only reason they’re keeping the final autopsy sealed is ’cause they’re hiding something from the public. They will never publicly admit that Bobbi K. died ’cause she OD’d on crack just like her mother. Even though we all know that she probably died of crack overdose, they won’t show us the autopsy ’cause it will not show any evidence that Nick Gordon did this to her and the autopsy will prove she did this to herself.


Why won’t they admit that she did this to herself? That’s one thing I can never understand. They’re trying to make it look like that she’s some sweet innocent young girl who didn’t deserve this but she was a crackhead like her mother was. They just can’t take the truth.


Nick Gordon blames drugs for Bobbi Kristina incident and I agree with him!!!

Ever since all this Bobbi Kristina stuff started, the media was all quiet and secretive of what really happened to her. The media did all their best to protect Bobbi Kristina, even TMZ got in on it. The media and Bobbi Kristina’s family wanna blame her boyfriend, Nick Gordon… well looks like Nick is getting fed up with all the accusations and he’s defending himself by saying, Bobbi Kristina OD’d on drugs. The media and the family knew it was drugs all along ’cause I’m pretty sure the hospital did a drug test on her and it probably came out positive. They just didn’t release the results. They wanna blame the boyfriend but nobody wants to admit that Bobbi Kristina did this to herself and she had a lot of problems like her mother.


Bobbi K’s family just can’t take the truth so they put the blame on someone else. Desperately trying to get Nick Gordon jailed. Yeah, Nick definitely had his problems with drugs too but that didn’t mean he turned Bobbi K into a drug addict. Maybe Bobbi K turned into a drug addict ’cause her parents, Whitney and Bobby Brown taught her to be a drug addict? They were horrible parents ’cause they even did drugs in front of her when Bobbi K was a child. Guess where she learned it from?

Bobbi K is probably not gonna make it but that’s the way it goes. Drugs are bad. Don’t do them. If you’re on them, get help before it’s too late.