Nick Gordon blames drugs for Bobbi Kristina incident and I agree with him!!!

Ever since all this Bobbi Kristina stuff started, the media was all quiet and secretive of what really happened to her. The media did all their best to protect Bobbi Kristina, even TMZ got in on it. The media and Bobbi Kristina’s family wanna blame her boyfriend, Nick Gordon… well looks like Nick is getting fed up with all the accusations and he’s defending himself by saying, Bobbi Kristina OD’d on drugs. The media and the family knew it was drugs all along ’cause I’m pretty sure the hospital did a drug test on her and it probably came out positive. They just didn’t release the results. They wanna blame the boyfriend but nobody wants to admit that Bobbi Kristina did this to herself and she had a lot of problems like her mother.

Bobbi K’s family just can’t take the truth so they put the blame on someone else. Desperately trying to get Nick Gordon jailed. Yeah, Nick definitely had his problems with drugs too but that didn’t mean he turned Bobbi K into a drug addict. Maybe Bobbi K turned into a drug addict ’cause her parents, Whitney and Bobby Brown taught her to be a drug addict? They were horrible parents ’cause they even did drugs in front of her when Bobbi K was a child. Guess where she learned it from?

Bobbi K is probably not gonna make it but that’s the way it goes. Drugs are bad. Don’t do them. If you’re on them, get help before it’s too late.


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