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Bobbi Kristina dies… not surprisingly…

As I predicted, Bobbi K. wasn’t gonna make it. Sad but “crack” runs in the family. Like daughter, like mother, ya know?


The media and the family wants to blame the boyfriend, Nick Gordon but it was really Bobby and Whitney’s fault that this happened. Bad parents who turned their daughter into a drug addict. As I expected, the media won’t tell us how she died either.

Be ready for an Obama statement in 3, 2, 1…


Why is the media protecting Bobbi Kristina? What do they have to hide from us???

I hope Bobbi Kristina gets well and hope she pulls through like most people but one thing that kind of scares me about this whole story is how the media might be hiding something about her. On January 31st, 2015 of this year… Bobbi Kristina was found in a bathtub unresponsive… very similar of how her mother, Whitney was found. Bobbi Kristina has been in a coma ever since. She continues to get worse and she’s been recently moved to a secret hospice.

You see, everybody knows that it was probably crack that did this to her. I think the hospitals already know what did this to her, I think they are not releasing any info about what happened to her. It’s obvious she OD’d on crack, it’s gotta be obvious, right? Why won’t the mainstream media admit that? What are they hiding? Are they keeping this info to themselves out of respect for the family or they are afraid that the race card might get played if they did admit it? Maybe it’s the family that is being secretive about it.

The media is doing everything they can to blame this on someone else like her boyfriend, Nick Gordon. The media and the family are doing everything they can to point fingers at him when they refuse to accept the fact that Bobbi Kristina may have did this to herself. Bobbi Kristina probably was on the crack for a pretty long time and it finally got her. When you’re a junkie, you do that to yourself. So people blaming Nick Gordon is pretty absurd, in my opinion.

Another thing I don’t understand about this whole drama, is how the media is treating Bobbi K. like she’s god or a legend or something when she hasn’t had a career professionally in anything? She wasn’t an actress or a music star. She’s just Whitney’s daughter and everybody’s treating like she’s so important. Nobody knew who Bobbi K. was until this happened. It’s ridiculous, in my opinion.

Why does the media have to shove a junkie in our faces? People were quick to attack Kurt Cobain and Whitney Houston over the drugs but people are being compassionate toward Bobbi K.

Maybe even Barack Obama has something to do with all this secrecy and he’s helping to protect them, the Houston’s.

Show me one article that tells us how Bobbi K. got into a comatose ’cause I’m willing to bet you won’t be able to find one. It’s bullshit, man. All of it.

I’m predicting that Nick Gordon didn’t have anything to do with what happened with Bobbi K. Even though they’re not gonna find any evidence of Nick Gordon’s responsibility, they’re gonna do whatever it takes to make him look guilty… the Houston’s won’t give up. They’ll never admit Bobbi K. did this to herself. People don’t force others to do drugs. They make that decision on their own.

It’s very weird to me how the media was quick to attack Whitney Houston but they’re being compassionate toward Bobbi K. Doesn’t make any sense to me at all.


Don’t be quick into believing Bobby Brown that Bobbi Kristina might be out of coma, that’s according to him…

If it’s not coming from Bobbi Kristina’s doctors about Bobbi Kristina being off life support then I smell bullshit. Bobby Brown has been well known for lying for years and the last thing you wanna do is be quick into believing him. I think Bobbi Kristina is still in a coma. Bobby could be making those claims just to calm down the American public and her supporters. Just to help get our minds off of it, ya know?

On top of that the media still don’t wanna point out that drugs were probably responsible. They still don’t wanna believe that this was Bobbi Kristina’s own responsibility when they were quick to attack Whitney Houston when she went through the same thing. Why is the media keeping drugs out of the picture?

You can’t trust Bobby Brown at all.


Why is the media silent about drugs when it comes to Bobbi Kristina???

When the report of Bobbi Kristina being found unresponsive in the bathtub and been rushed to the hospital got out there, there were no mention of drugs. Some people immediately speculated that she probably did get OD’d on crack and like most people, I think she probably did too.

When Whitney Houston was found in the bathtub, everybody was quick to blame it on drugs, it was all over the media. When it comes to Bobbi Kristina; however, nobody wants to put drugs in the news headlines. You can see that Bobbi Brown her father is keeping quiet on the drugs as well.


Isn’t it funny how people gave Whitney so much shit for getting herself killed on crack but they are more compassionate toward Bobbie Kristina? People being sympathetic toward Bobbi Kristina are probably the same people who gave Whitney so much hate and disrespect.

Maybe it’s because of Bobbi Kristina’s young age, maybe that’s the reason most people are being compassionate. Back when Whitney died of crack overdose, people were like, “She did this to herself, it was her fault” and it’s just weird how some don’t feel the same toward Bobbi Kristina.

It shouldn’t matter how old someone else is. Drugs aren’t cool. If death or hospitalization happens, they did bring it upon themselves.

Why is the media protecting Bobbi Kristina over the drugs? It just seems strange to me…


Bobbi Kristina daughter of Whitney Houston found unresponsive in bathtub…

This was how Whitney was found dead in a bathtub. Bobbi Kristina who is Whitney’s daughter was found unresponsive in a bathtub but Bobbi is still alive for now, though. So is this de ja vu?


She probably still felt guilty and depressed ’cause of her mothers passing so she turned on to drugs. Either that or I wonder what kind of people she has been hanging out and partying with? Maybe a boyfriend did this to her?