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5 positive things to say about Scott Weiland…

The mainstream media and some music fans wants to say all kinds of negative stuff about Scott Weiland. Over the years, I supported the man the best I could and he always had my back and support almost most of the time. I would always try to defend the man too. No matter what anybody thought of Scott, I always supported the man. I’ve always loved Scott’s music since the days when STP started coming out in the 90’s. He’s been a hero to me since high school.

What are 5 things about Scott that are positive about him?

  • He was a great vocalist, musical genius and a great live performer too:  Love him or hate him all you want to, you can’t deny that the man is one of the greatest rock frontmen of all time. The man really knew how to sing. When he sings, his phrasing is so good and he knew how to make his vocals sound melodic. He doesn’t just sing along with the guitar riff like most singers do, this guy actually SINGS and did it well. He was also one of the best live performers around and knew how to put on a show ’cause he was a showman and entertainer.
  • He had a real passion for music:  Even though the doors kept closing on him with STP and Velvet Revolver, he just kept going musically with either his solo career or the Wildabouts. He had a big passion for music for sure and you can’t deny that. The man loved what he did and he showed it.
  • He appreciated his fans & supporters: Scott was really good with his fanbase. He appreciated them all. He would interact with fans online with his instagram/facebook/twitter and all that stuff. Plus, he is willing to meet fans out in public and take photos/sign autographs or whatever. Scott was a pretty classy guy.
  • He gave the best interviews: Scott always gave the best interviews in the music press ’cause I’ve read a lot of them. He always gave honest and intelligent answers. I’ve always enjoyed reading or listening to his interviews. I’ll admit that sometimes his interviews can get pretty weird but that’s because he was probably high or drunk on something but other than that, he can give some really cool interviews.
  • He was a pretty strong and tough dude:  He may have had all kinds of negative stuff thrown at him but he knew how to stay above it all. Even though he didn’t get along with STP and the Velvet Revolver, he kept on keepin’ on. Staying strong and lived life the way he wanted to.

That’s it. I didn’t think he deserved to be called a “trainwreck” and all that stuff ’cause we all have our problems. Despite his problems, he was a good man.



Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts “Blaster” album is actually really really good!


I’ve decided that I’m gonna celebrate the music of Scott Weiland this weekend by listening to everything he did. His stuff with the Stone Temple Pilots, The Velvet Revolver and his solo records. The first album I decided to listen to was the Wildabouts album, “Blaster” that was just released earlier this year.

“Blaster” surprisingly was a really good album and I think I’m gonna wanna get my own copy soon. It has great guitar playing and Scott’s singing on it is killer like always. It’s a shame. The Wildabouts was a good band and it’s a shame their career was short-lived. It looks like that band is gonna be done for good now due to Scott’s passing, Jeremy Brown’s passing and the arrest of their bass player. This band had the potential to become huge but that’s life, ya know? It’s a shame they lasted for one album and a shame that this album is the final album before Scott’s death.

Like I said though, I think there will be more music of Scott in the future. Could there be more unreleased music of STP, The Velvet Revolver and the Wildabouts? Expect all that to happen real soon. I’m sure Scott had plenty of unreleased material over the years. They have to look through the vault to see what they can find. I’m sure this won’t be the last of Scott’s music, there will be more.

Back to “Blaster”, it was a great album and you should check it out yourself.


Um, yeah Scott Weiland doesn’t look like he’s on heroin here (sarcasm)…

A new interview with Scott Weiland just appeared and it’s freakin’ hilarious. Scott here is still blaming the “ear piece” on that performance and he claims he isn’t on anything. Well, watch Scott throughout the interview. He’s definitely messed up and high on something. Scott not being able to stand well and he’s having trouble speaking clearly too. The way he’s speaking, he’s talking as if he’s “high” on something like a Cheech and Chong kind of thing. Also, if you go to 4:45 in the video, you can see that he’s even struggling to pass the mic over to the interviewer. It’s looking like that Scott was trying to hand the mic over but the interviewer ends up taking the mic from him.

This doesn’t seem like Scott Weiland. In the past, Scott’s interviews were always very intelligent and insightful but he’s really bizarre in this video.

People get concerned for his health and his best response was that he’s calling out the “asshole media” and he calls his fans, “haters”??? Yeah, real professional response, dude.


Dear Musicians, Scott Weiland is a good example why you shouldn’t drink or do drugs before a show…

Well, Scott Weiland’s lawyer responded to that bizarre performance. The lawyer claims that Scott was just tired and he had a few drinks before the show. Plus, they also blamed it on the “earpiece” which made Scott sing out of key.

You see, the last people you wanna trust are lawyers. They are being paid lots of money to protect their clients and they lie for them, that’s what they are paid to do so don’t believe anything his lawyers say. They blame alcohol and losing the earpiece but I’m not buying it. Scott seems to be pretty secretive and hiding something.


If he did have a few drinks before the show, it had to be more than a few drinks.

There are way too many bands out there that love to party before a show or after. I think partying before a show is a horrible idea. There are too many bands that love to get themselves wasted before a show and there’s nothing cool about that. It’s fine if they wanna get drunk after their performance but before or during, no.

In my opinion, this is just my opinion, drinking and getting wasted is stupid. In the past, I used to get myself wasted and drunk once in a blue moon but not anymore. I don’t drink alcohol at all anymore but I’m fine if other people drink, though. Just drink responsibly and I’ll be cool with it. Drinking before or during a performance is a no no for me. I’ve seen too many local bands that looked “wasted” as fuck during shows, not naming names. I’ve had enough. It is unprofessional when bands do it. I don’t care how established they are. I should have a future blog post about this soon.


Scott Weiland back on the drugs again, you can totally see it here…

Yep, I really am beginning to think that Stone Temple Pilots did the right thing kicking him out of the band after all. After Scott losing his temper at a VIP Meet and Greet not a long while back, he looks even more messed up here. Is he shooting up heroin again? You can tell, standing there like a zombie and when he moves, he walks really slow. In “Dead and Bloated” in the video below, after Weiland sings through the megaphone, he walks to the drum riser and sets down the megaphone slowly and carefully.

He’s definitely on the heroin again ’cause what heroin does is slow your body down.

Strange ’cause in the past when Scott performs on stage… he looks very energetic and always moving on stage and dancing around but during this performance… he looks like a fuckin’ zombie.

I’m beginning to think that STP did the right thing and many fans who turned their backs on STP for firing Scott are starting to see it too. It’s really sad but doesn’t surprise me.


Scott Weiland announces The Wildabouts guitarist Jeremy Brown just passed away…

Scott Weiland announces that the Wildabouts guitarist, Jeremy Brown, just passed away all of a sudden. Pretty sad news since today is release day for their debut album “Blaster”. I’m sure the Wildabouts will continue on and replace a new guitarist but I’m sure the new songs won’t sound the same without their original guitarist, though. I wouldn’t be surprised that drugs took Jeremy’s life, though, probably did. RIP Jeremy. I am looking forward to hearing “Blaster” as I’ll get it soon.


Hmmm, maybe Stone Temple Pilots had every right to kick out Scott Weiland after all!!!!

When Scott Weiland was booted from STP in 2013, there was a huge debate on whether Scott deserved that or not. There was a huge debate that Scott couldn’t get kicked out of the band that he helped create and wrote most of the band’s biggest hits.

This whole time I was on Scott’s side and supported him throughout and I’ll admit, I thought the guys in STP were assholes for what they did to Scott but now I’m beginning to think that the guys in STP did the right thing. Look like Scott hasn’t cleaned up his act at all.

Check this out:


On facebook today, he posted this apology:

Maybe this is why the guys in STP had to do what they had to do. Maybe they felt his drinking has gotten way out of hand and he was acting like an asshole to the guys in STP. Maybe Scott did deserve all that, getting kicked out and getting sued by the band. I did had compassion for Scott but I think I’m about done supporting him myself. Musicians… you can’t trust them at all.

I think paying lots of money for VIP Meet & Greets is silly and lame to begin with. It’s just an easy cash grab for bands & artists.


Scott Weiland shoots down jail rumors…

TMZ started the rumors that former frontman of STP, Scott Weiland have been in jail for a few months and as you can see, Mr. Weiland was quick to shoot down the rumors. He proved that he wasn’t arrested by showing this video of him in the studio with his new band, The Wildabouts.

Look like Harvey Levin of TMZ is about to get “cease and desist letters” from Scott’s attorneys.

I hate TMZ. They are a bunch of loser whackjobs who needs to find a real job. Yep, getting paid to make celebrities look bad publicly. TMZ needs to be shut down.

I’m glad Scott is well, though and he is looking real good and healthy in this video too.

Look like he is recording his first album with the Wildabouts band. He’s been playing live with the Wildabouts for a long while now, they just never recorded a studio album yet until now.

Scott Weiland may have had some personal problems in the past but people change. Why can’t people understand that? Nope. People always have to accuse him of a lot of ridiculous things.