Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts “Blaster” album is actually really really good!


I’ve decided that I’m gonna celebrate the music of Scott Weiland this weekend by listening to everything he did. His stuff with the Stone Temple Pilots, The Velvet Revolver and his solo records. The first album I decided to listen to was the Wildabouts album, “Blaster” that was just released earlier this year.

“Blaster” surprisingly was a really good album and I think I’m gonna wanna get my own copy soon. It has great guitar playing and Scott’s singing on it is killer like always. It’s a shame. The Wildabouts was a good band and it’s a shame their career was short-lived. It looks like that band is gonna be done for good now due to Scott’s passing, Jeremy Brown’s passing and the arrest of their bass player. This band had the potential to become huge but that’s life, ya know? It’s a shame they lasted for one album and a shame that this album is the final album before Scott’s death.

Like I said though, I think there will be more music of Scott in the future. Could there be more unreleased music of STP, The Velvet Revolver and the Wildabouts? Expect all that to happen real soon. I’m sure Scott had plenty of unreleased material over the years. They have to look through the vault to see what they can find. I’m sure this won’t be the last of Scott’s music, there will be more.

Back to “Blaster”, it was a great album and you should check it out yourself.


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