5 positive things to say about Scott Weiland…

The mainstream media and some music fans wants to say all kinds of negative stuff about Scott Weiland. Over the years, I supported the man the best I could and he always had my back and support almost most of the time. I would always try to defend the man too. No matter what anybody thought of Scott, I always supported the man. I’ve always loved Scott’s music since the days when STP started coming out in the 90’s. He’s been a hero to me since high school.

What are 5 things about Scott that are positive about him?

  • He was a great vocalist, musical genius and a great live performer too:  Love him or hate him all you want to, you can’t deny that the man is one of the greatest rock frontmen of all time. The man really knew how to sing. When he sings, his phrasing is so good and he knew how to make his vocals sound melodic. He doesn’t just sing along with the guitar riff like most singers do, this guy actually SINGS and did it well. He was also one of the best live performers around and knew how to put on a show ’cause he was a showman and entertainer.
  • He had a real passion for music:  Even though the doors kept closing on him with STP and Velvet Revolver, he just kept going musically with either his solo career or the Wildabouts. He had a big passion for music for sure and you can’t deny that. The man loved what he did and he showed it.
  • He appreciated his fans & supporters: Scott was really good with his fanbase. He appreciated them all. He would interact with fans online with his instagram/facebook/twitter and all that stuff. Plus, he is willing to meet fans out in public and take photos/sign autographs or whatever. Scott was a pretty classy guy.
  • He gave the best interviews: Scott always gave the best interviews in the music press ’cause I’ve read a lot of them. He always gave honest and intelligent answers. I’ve always enjoyed reading or listening to his interviews. I’ll admit that sometimes his interviews can get pretty weird but that’s because he was probably high or drunk on something but other than that, he can give some really cool interviews.
  • He was a pretty strong and tough dude:  He may have had all kinds of negative stuff thrown at him but he knew how to stay above it all. Even though he didn’t get along with STP and the Velvet Revolver, he kept on keepin’ on. Staying strong and lived life the way he wanted to.

That’s it. I didn’t think he deserved to be called a “trainwreck” and all that stuff ’cause we all have our problems. Despite his problems, he was a good man.



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