Scott Weiland back on the drugs again, you can totally see it here…

Yep, I really am beginning to think that Stone Temple Pilots did the right thing kicking him out of the band after all. After Scott losing his temper at a VIP Meet and Greet not a long while back, he looks even more messed up here. Is he shooting up heroin again? You can tell, standing there like a zombie and when he moves, he walks really slow. In “Dead and Bloated” in the video below, after Weiland sings through the megaphone, he walks to the drum riser and sets down the megaphone slowly and carefully.

He’s definitely on the heroin again ’cause what heroin does is slow your body down.

Strange ’cause in the past when Scott performs on stage… he looks very energetic and always moving on stage and dancing around but during this performance… he looks like a fuckin’ zombie.

I’m beginning to think that STP did the right thing and many fans who turned their backs on STP for firing Scott are starting to see it too. It’s really sad but doesn’t surprise me.


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