Elizabeth Warren not running at all, is that why Bernie Sanders made announcement?

Democrats were desperate in shoving Elizabeth Warren in our faces but it looks like she isn’t running at all. That is probably why Democrats put Bernie Sanders out there instead. It seems to me that Democrats grew tired of waiting for Warren to make her announcement so they made Sanders do it instead. Seems like the Democrats are controlling the election like they usually are. So it’s looking like that Sanders is Warren’s replacement to challenge Hillary.

Now everyone wants to make assumptions on who’s not gonna make it past the primaries and not make the General election but you shouldn’t make predictions this soon. This is a president election so anything can happen.

Yes, Bernie Sanders can easily get the nomination and so can Rand Paul due to their massive popularity. That’s the key to making it far in the election is “popularity”. Without the large number of voters, they’re not gonna make it far. Even though Hillary is not as popular as the media makes her out to be, she’ll make it pretty far anyway ’cause you know that she’s gonna try to “fraud” her way through. Voter fraud that is. Don’t be naive. Voter fraud does exist and it has been already proven. Both the 2008 and 2012 elections were rigged… that’s how Barack got elected twice. They could do the same to Hillary or Bernie. Either one could win due to voter fraud.

You see, I’m tired of Congress and the American people giving Democrats so much power. This country is trying to make it seem that politics is a one-way street for them… in other words Democrats thinks the world revolves around them. I’m tired of it. You see, liberals mistakenly believe that everything about the Democrat party is so wonderful and it what’s the country needs. They never see anything wrong with the Democrat party at all. LIberals are the type of people who looks at the world “positively” and thinks Democrat politicians are wonderful. That is what’s messed up about liberals. They see that everything that Democrats do to the country is a wonderful and “positive” thing when the reality is that they don’t realize what they’re doing is putting a lot of damage and hurt to the country. They really are that “delusional”.

Not everything about the world is positive and great as some would think. There are a lot of bad people out there and that includes those politicians in government. It’s very strange to me how liberals have such a hard-on for left-wing politicians. I don’t get it. You can’t trust politicians of all kinds and that includes Democrats. I don’t trust Republicans anymore either.

You can’t side with a party like if you’re siding with your favorite football team. You have to look at reality but of course, no one knows what “reality” is anymore. Politics shouldn’t be a black and white world but liberals certainly is making it that way.


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