Hmmm, maybe Stone Temple Pilots had every right to kick out Scott Weiland after all!!!!

When Scott Weiland was booted from STP in 2013, there was a huge debate on whether Scott deserved that or not. There was a huge debate that Scott couldn’t get kicked out of the band that he helped create and wrote most of the band’s biggest hits.

This whole time I was on Scott’s side and supported him throughout and I’ll admit, I thought the guys in STP were assholes for what they did to Scott but now I’m beginning to think that the guys in STP did the right thing. Look like Scott hasn’t cleaned up his act at all.

Check this out:

On facebook today, he posted this apology:

Maybe this is why the guys in STP had to do what they had to do. Maybe they felt his drinking has gotten way out of hand and he was acting like an asshole to the guys in STP. Maybe Scott did deserve all that, getting kicked out and getting sued by the band. I did had compassion for Scott but I think I’m about done supporting him myself. Musicians… you can’t trust them at all.

I think paying lots of money for VIP Meet & Greets is silly and lame to begin with. It’s just an easy cash grab for bands & artists.


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