Scott Weiland shoots down jail rumors…

TMZ started the rumors that former frontman of STP, Scott Weiland have been in jail for a few months and as you can see, Mr. Weiland was quick to shoot down the rumors. He proved that he wasn’t arrested by showing this video of him in the studio with his new band, The Wildabouts.

Look like Harvey Levin of TMZ is about to get “cease and desist letters” from Scott’s attorneys.

I hate TMZ. They are a bunch of loser whackjobs who needs to find a real job. Yep, getting paid to make celebrities look bad publicly. TMZ needs to be shut down.

I’m glad Scott is well, though and he is looking real good and healthy in this video too.

Look like he is recording his first album with the Wildabouts band. He’s been playing live with the Wildabouts for a long while now, they just never recorded a studio album yet until now.

Scott Weiland may have had some personal problems in the past but people change. Why can’t people understand that? Nope. People always have to accuse him of a lot of ridiculous things.


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