Dear Musicians, Scott Weiland is a good example why you shouldn’t drink or do drugs before a show…

Well, Scott Weiland’s lawyer responded to that bizarre performance. The lawyer claims that Scott was just tired and he had a few drinks before the show. Plus, they also blamed it on the “earpiece” which made Scott sing out of key.

You see, the last people you wanna trust are lawyers. They are being paid lots of money to protect their clients and they lie for them, that’s what they are paid to do so don’t believe anything his lawyers say. They blame alcohol and losing the earpiece but I’m not buying it. Scott seems to be pretty secretive and hiding something.

If he did have a few drinks before the show, it had to be more than a few drinks.

There are way too many bands out there that love to party before a show or after. I think partying before a show is a horrible idea. There are too many bands that love to get themselves wasted before a show and there’s nothing cool about that. It’s fine if they wanna get drunk after their performance but before or during, no.

In my opinion, this is just my opinion, drinking and getting wasted is stupid. In the past, I used to get myself wasted and drunk once in a blue moon but not anymore. I don’t drink alcohol at all anymore but I’m fine if other people drink, though. Just drink responsibly and I’ll be cool with it. Drinking before or during a performance is a no no for me. I’ve seen too many local bands that looked “wasted” as fuck during shows, not naming names. I’ve had enough. It is unprofessional when bands do it. I don’t care how established they are. I should have a future blog post about this soon.


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