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Report: Fiona Apple’s been a bad bad girl, she’s now a certified “Criminal”…

Fiona Apple may have a clean criminal record, but not anymore. She’s now a real life “Criminal”, based on one of her own songs. She’s been arrested at a border stop in Texas. She has been caught with hashish. She can now join the club with Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Armie Hammer.

More on the story, here.


Report: Amy Winehouse toxicology reports are in, she did not die of illegal drugs…

See? It’s not always the drugs. You can’t always blame it on the drugs. Turned out that Amy was pretty clean. Still though, it could be possible that alcohol and legal prescription drugs could take the blame. It may not be that either. Her death may have been simply accidental or she could have been really sick and never told anyone. Her cause of death is a mystery for sure.

TMZ, reports.


Amy Winehouse death gets mixed reactions online…

Some are sad and they grieve over her death. Some just don’t care. Some are glad that she’s gone. I look at all of this, and I’m thinking to myself like, “Really?” To the ones that don’t care, I find it pretty disrespectful in Amy’s honor. Yet, everyone grieved over the death of Heath Ledger, when he had a drug addiction too. Heath died of a drug overdose, yet people seem to feel sorry for him and not Amy. See what’s wrong with the picture?

I’m sad over her death because it reminded me of someone in my life who died of drugs at a young age. Drug addicts can’t help for what they are. It’s a hard demon to get rid of.

On top of that, folks, I wouldn’t call this a drug overdose yet. You shouldn’t really jump into speculation, because what if she didn’t die of drugs at all? Maybe she had a terrible accident and got really sick. I thought it would be drugs sure, like everyone else, but you never know when they do the autopsy and get the toxicology reports in. She may have even died pretty clean, ya never know.

I’m sad over her death because I loved her music and a die hard fan. Like her or not, she was talented. Her death was tragic. She’s a sad loss in the music world, agree with it or not.

Drug addicts are human beings and they should be treated like one, despite the problems.RIP Amy.


Report: Miley Cyrus finally admits bong video was wrong…

Well, look like Miley had a long private discussion with her parents and they must of made her apologize publicly for the bong video posted above.

Miley had an interview with Marie Claire magazine to talk about.

TMZ, reports.

I understand that she’s a teenager, experimenting with things as they grow up ’cause they all want to party and try new things, but when you’re big and famous, that’s a different story. Try to understand that. Miley is a Disney star, a film star, and a pop music star. She’s a role model for young kids. This is why she got the backlash.

She already destroyed her character by the bong video and kids will now look at her in a different way from this point on.


BREAKING NEWS: Billy Ray Cyrus responds to Miley video, via twitter!!!

Billy Ray Cyrus, the former country star and father of Miley, spoke about the video with his daughter smoking Salvia from a bong. He admitted to the public that he’s very sad about it.

Billy Ray tweeted, this.

Ouch! Look like Miley is in deep trouble! Even if Salvia is legal to posses in California, it’s still very bad to use. Hope Billy Ray does something fast before Miley turns herself into a junkie. That’s the trouble with being big & famous. Not everyone’s going to be your friend and people will do anything to make you look bad for the world to see.


Correction: Miley wasn’t smoking weed, it was Salvia…

What Miley was really smoking, wasn’t weed. It was Salvia, which is much more dangerous than weed. I’ll take back what I said about Miley doing nothing wrong and changed my mind, that she is doing something wrong and she needs to get checked out. This drug can kill her.

All about Salvia, here.

Look like Miley got into hanging with the wrong crowd that she thought they were her friends.


Thought: Phish fans and drugs…

At the Phish concert last Sunday night, I was amazed that everywhere you go, there were drugs all over the place. Weed, acid, you name it. People were on everything. I’m sure all Phish shows are like this, of course.

After Trey Anastasio’s drug bust in Whitehall a few years ago, when he got stuck in rehab here in Saratoga Springs, he went through a pretty long rehab journey. When he got clean and was ready to graduate, get out of rehab….I was hoping and looking forward to seeing the Phish fans to follow suit of Trey Anastasio.

I was wondering if the Phish fans were thinking the same thing…”Geez, what am I doing to myself, I should go to rehab like Trey, my hero, and get clean”.

Well, that never happened. Trey going to rehab to get clean never taught the fans anything.

While the band was playing on stage, looking at everybody in the audience, everybody definitely looked really drunk, stoned and were tripping on something.

Trey looked really clean, he didn’t look like he was on anything. He was so happy on stage, he was all smiles and so full of energy throughout most of the gig. He is a much better guitar player when he is clean and sober as well. He was on fire that night!

Trey should start giving advice to Phish fans to go to rehab like he did so they don’t end up killing themselves and Phish wouldn’t have any fans left.

You can still have a fun time and have a blast without drinking and doing drugs.