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Report: Fiona Apple’s been a bad bad girl, she’s now a certified “Criminal”…

Fiona Apple may have a clean criminal record, but not anymore. She’s now a real life “Criminal”, based on one of her own songs. She’s been arrested at a border stop in Texas. She has been caught with hashish. She can now join the club with Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Armie Hammer.

More on the story, here.


Report: Snoop Dogg changes his staged name, image and genre… he is now Snoop Lion…

After a little vacation in Jamaica, Snoop Dogg is completely retiring from the hip hop genre and wants to forget his past as a hip hop star. He changed his staged name, image and genre. He’s been inspired to play reggae music. He wants to start a reggae career under the, Snoop Lion, name. He already performed 5 new songs for a small crowd, while in Jamaica.

More on the story, here.

After years of making smash hit hip hop records, he’s turning his back on the hip hop industry and his longtime fans? Sure, looks like it! He can change himself, all he wants to, he will forever be known as, the Dogg.

On top of all this, Snoop, is not Jamaican, even though he think he is now. Snoop is an American and was born in California. Most reggae musicians over the years were actual Jamaicans. Snoop is just living in a fantasy world and being delusional. I understand how he wants to grow out of hip hop, the older he gets though, I’ll give him that respect.


Report: Beach Boys vs. Katy Perry over “California Gurls” song???

Rumors have hit the internets that the Beach Boys could be suing Katy Perry over the “California Gurls” song. She’s not being accused of stealing the song from the Beach Boys, she’s being accused of what Snoop Dogg said in the song. Snoop Dogg said, “I really wish you all could be California Girls” which I believe is a lyric taken from the Beach Boys hit.

The Beach Boys camp replied back, saying they are not suing Katy Perry, the band says they love Katy’s song and they are flattered that she used the Beach Boys as an inspiration. Katy also claims no one is suing anyone.

More on it here:


Listen to both songs and hear what the Beach Boys and Snoop Dogg says.

Snoop says, “I really wish you all could be California Girls”, but the Beach Boys version says, “I wish they all could be California Girls”. In order for something to be considered copyright infrigement, both needs to be exactly the same. Katy is innocent.

And by the way, Katy’s “California Gurls” is actually not a bad song, I actually kind of dig it myself.


Report: Snoop Dogg remixes Johnny Cash “I Walk the Line” into a rap song…

There is a Johnny Cash tribute album in the works that will be done by rap and dance/techno artists. The artists will take Johnny Cash’s vocals and remix them into rap and dance songs. The name of the album is titled “Johnny Cash Remixed” scheduled to hit stores everywhere Oct. 14th.

Snoop Dogg does a remix and cover of Johnny Cash’s song “I Walk the Line”. Snoop says he is a huge fan of Johnny Cash’s music and a big inspiration to his own music. He also says if you listen to country music very closely and carefully, it is very similar to rap/hip hop.

Billboard reports:


Snoop is right that rap is similar to country. Why do you think Kid Rock is able to mix rap and country together? Think about it.

I’m looking forward to hearing Snoop’s version of “I Walk the Line”.


The Listening Room: Snoop Dogg gone country, see his new music video “My Medicine” featuring Willie Nelson…

Snoop Dogg actually has a rap song with guitar playing? This song is off his new album “Ego tripping”, and surprisingly enough, Snoop does a country song on it, it’s titled “My Medicine” which is of course, a song about weed, he’s dueting with Willie Nelson in the tune.

My thoughts on the song? It fucking ROCKS! I LOVE IT! This song makes me want to pick up the album although I’m not much of a rap fan!