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Happy birthday, Johnny Cash…

I’m not really all that big on country music. There are only very few country artists that I like and Johnny Cash is one of them. I can listen to Johnny Cash all the time and never get tired of it. I have all of Johnny’s American albums except for the first one that was released in 1994 but I plan on grabbing it from Itunes soon. I also have a greatest hits album of all of Cash’s classic songs and have two live albums of his (“Live at Folsom Prison” and “San Quentin”). Yeah, I am that huge of a Johnny Cash fan. In case you can’t tell, Johnny is a huge influence in my own songwriting as well.

Here are a few of my favorite songs of his. He has way too many good songs. Johnny never wanted to be a country star. He wanted to be a gospel singer… that’s why he made those American albums as a way for him to get away from country and make gospel inspired songs. Johnny always had a love for gospel music than country. He was forced to get into country just so he can have a career.


Long lost Johnny Cash album that was recorded during the 80’s to be released…

Johnny Cash’s son, John Carter was digging into Johnny’s private archive of music over the years and he found a long-lost album that Johnny recorded during the 80’s that was never released. Johnny was gonna release the album but he was dropped by Columbia Records in 1986. The name of the album is called, “Out Among The Stars”, and it will have 12 tracks featuring June Carter and Waylon Jennings as duets for a few songs. The album will be released in the Spring of 2014.

Read the full story, here.

As a major Johnny Cash fanatic, I’m definitely looking forward to this one! I remember Johnny once said he never threw away music if he didn’t like his own songs… he just stored them away and the proof is in the article.

Speaking of Johnny Cash, I plan on covering more of his songs for youtube as well.


Film Of The Day: Walk The Line

There have been a lot of music biopics out there, but this is my favorite one. They surprisingly did a great job with this movie, and stayed pretty faithful to Johnny Cash’s history. The film, “Walk The Line”, which stars Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, focuses on the earlier days of Johnny Cash. It gives you more insight on Johnny’s rise to fame, his relationship with June Carter, and also getting signed to Sun records.

The movie was beautifully done all around. Amazing cinematography, the acting was well done by everyone in the film, plus most importantly of all, it was the music that made the movie work. Joaquin and Reese really did all the singing for this movie, and they did a good job. I can’t think of no other actor who can play the young Johnny other than Joaquin. Joaquin was the perfect match. This movie is entertaining throughout, especially the scene where Johnny tries to audition to get signed with Sun records. I also loved the scene where Johnny wrote “Folsom Prison Blues”. Whether you never listened to Johnny Cash or if you’re a longtime fan, this film is for everyone, either way. One thing to keep in mind though, that not all of this movie is happy and lovable. There’s a lot of pretty dark scenes in this film ’cause this film concentrates a lot on Johnny’s alcoholism and short temper problems.

I’ve seen this film too many times, and I could watch this 20 times a day, and would never get bored of it. This film is definitely in my top 10. Joaquin’s best role for sure, and James Mangold sure as hell delivered a masterpiece.


Happy Birthday, Johnny Cash….

When someone ask other people, “What is your favorite Johnny Cash song?”, my response to that would always be, “All of them, I don’t see how you could like just one Johnny Cash song”. It’s true. I loved all of Johnny’s music. Everything from the Sun recordings, all the Columbia stuff, and of course, the American era. I even loved all of Johnny’s gospel music too! Originally Johnny never wanted to be a country star. He originally wanted to be big in gospel music. He was forced to play country music ’cause it was the only way he could break into the industry, since gospel didn’t sell back in the day. Later in the years, Johnny focused on gospel more. As you noticed, all the American recordings weren’t country at all. The 6 American albums he did were mostly gospel influenced, and he did covers of modern songs but they were gospel like. He always hated the country genre, but he was dragged into it. He kept the country thing going through the years ’cause it was the only way for him to make a living and he wanted to be known for his music.

He has always been an incredible artist and a longtime favorite of mine. He was an inspiration to me too. Of course, I loved all the stuff he did with June Carter.

RIP, Johnny.


The entertainment industry, keeping Johnny Cash’s legacy alive…

These days you hear Johnny Cash’s music everywhere. You heard “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” on the “True Grit” movie trailer and you heard the Undertaker use, “Ain’t No Grave” for his new theme song. You also heard Johnny Cash’s music in many TV commercials too. I love how they are keeping Johnny’s legacy alive.

Johnny maybe gone, but it certainly feels like he is still alive, when you keep hearing his music everywhere. People still deserve to know who Johnny Cash is. People of today’s generation wouldn’t know who he is (especially the young generation), but of course, the only people who would know who Johnny is are the longtime country fans. Continuing to play Johnny’s music in the media will help him get a new generation of fans.

Johnny deserves this and this is what he would have wanted.


Cool Video: The Spirit of Johnny Cash with Harold Ford…

Just last Friday night I went to a local music show in Greenwich, called Hootenanny. It’s a local show full of Greenwich musicians getting together playing folk songs all night. There were acoustic acts and had a headlining full band act. The show started at 7:00 p.m. until around 11:00 at night.

I videotaped most of the entire show.

I finally got my chance to see “The Spirit of Johnny Cash” tribute with Harold Ford. It was amazing. I was surprised and shocked to see how much Harold Ford is almost identical to Cash. He looks like him and sings like him. Check out a few videos for proof!

I videotaped all this myself.


Report: Johnny Cash to release “American VI: Ain’t No Grave” Feb. 26th…

Johnny Cash’s label, American Recordings LLC, has officially announced they will release Johnny Cash’s final studio album before his death. “American VI: Ain’t No Grave” was recorded a year before Cash died in 2003. The album was never released. Rick Rubin produced that album. The album is set for release Feb. 26th which I will sure pick up that day ’cause I’m a huge Johnny Cash fanatic. He’s such an inspiration to me. If Johnny was still alive, I’m sure he would keep going with those “American” albums.

Now that you think of it. It’s understandable why they wouldn’t release the album around the time of his death ’cause look at the title of this album. It would be offensive around that difficult time he was gone. That’s probably the reason why the label didn’t release it at the time. This album release is a celebration of Johnny Cash’s birthday which he will turn 78 on the day this album is released.



Johnny Cash tribute show in Greenwich tonight…

Tonight in my hometown of Greenwich at a restaurant/bar called, the “111” there is a Johnny Cash tribute show tonight at 8 p.m. The music will be played by Harold Ford and the Cash Band. They will be playing nothing but Johnny Cash tunes.

Since I’m a huge fan of Johnny Cash, I’m going to see the show tonight. I am also bringing my video camera to video tape the show.

See Harold Ford’s website here, you can hear him sing Johnny Cash songs in MP3’s on his site, and his music is almost a pretty close match to the real Johnny Cash.


I’m looking forward to the show tonight. I will video tape it and throw it in youtube.

It’s gonna be a fun show.


Edit: I just called the ‘111’  to see if tickets are still available, unfortunately, the show is sold out, so I won’t be going. Bummer!