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Black Sabbath reveals track listing for new album, “13”…

Black Sabbath (minus, Bill Ward), have revealed the track listing for their new upcoming album titled, “13”. The track listing is listed, here.

A lot of people are disappointed that the album have only 8 songs. If you really think that, then you must be a new fan of Black Sabbath. Almost every Black Sabbath album over the past 20 years, only had like 7 or 8 songs. Why? Because Tony and the guys always liked to jam. They’re not just about the songwriting parts. They’re about jamming and improvisation. The songs progresses as they go along. They still have that method of making music to this day. A CD can only have like 60 or 70 minutes worth of music, so they can only fit in songs that would fit the time enough perfectly.

Black Sabbath is also getting a lot of, “No Bill Ward, No Black Sabbath”, comments from the fans everywhere. To those who say that, also must be a newbie. I’ve said repeatedly that this is not the first time for Black Sabbath, their feud with Bill Ward. Bill has been difficult toward the guys for years. The guys in Sabbath has been trying to get together with Bill for the past 20 years or so, it’s just that he’s never interested. Why can’t people understand that Bill is just a greedy son of a bitch? He’s an egotist; all he cares about is the money. Stop blaming Sharon Osbourne for this ’cause that’s so absurd.

Black Sabbath is the type of band that when a member leaves, either quit or been fired, they’ve always been the, “the show must go on”, type. So yes, the show must go on. So the band says, “Fuck, Bill Ward”, and they’re moving on without him. Despite Bill Ward, not being part of this reunion, it’s still gonna be a sick and heavy album. I’m looking forward to hearing it!

That’s what a band gets for staying together for this long. Fans will get all kinds of misinformation from them, in this day and age. The band unfairly gets blamed for Bill bailing out, when they have nothing to do with it; this was all Bill’s doing himself. The band are always willing to have Bill play with them whenever he wants, Bill just needs to stop being a greedy asshole. Fuck Bill. Let him go. This is still gonna be a cool album, and I’m looking forward to it!


Report: Johnny Cash to release “American VI: Ain’t No Grave” Feb. 26th…

Johnny Cash’s label, American Recordings LLC, has officially announced they will release Johnny Cash’s final studio album before his death. “American VI: Ain’t No Grave” was recorded a year before Cash died in 2003. The album was never released. Rick Rubin produced that album. The album is set for release Feb. 26th which I will sure pick up that day ’cause I’m a huge Johnny Cash fanatic. He’s such an inspiration to me. If Johnny was still alive, I’m sure he would keep going with those “American” albums.

Now that you think of it. It’s understandable why they wouldn’t release the album around the time of his death ’cause look at the title of this album. It would be offensive around that difficult time he was gone. That’s probably the reason why the label didn’t release it at the time. This album release is a celebration of Johnny Cash’s birthday which he will turn 78 on the day this album is released.



Report: U2 announce album title, ditches Rick Rubin’s tracks…

The legendary Irish rockers U2 are hard at work on their 12th studio album. Rick Rubin was the band’s producer for their new album but not anymore. U2 and Rubin wrote and recorded a handful of songs for the new album. U2 has decided that Rubin’s style of recording wasn’t what they wanted so the band ended up throwing all the songs Rick Rubin did with them in the trash.

The band hired Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois to produce the new album instead, they titled the album “No Line On the Horizon” which seems to be the current title at this point. They’re using Brian and Danny to see how it would go with them.

More on it here:


If you know Rick Rubin’s style of producing, Rick like to bring the old sound of legendary artists back. Rick probably tried that with U2 to try and bring the classic U2 sound back but I guess U2 didn’t want that direction. The band made it clear in the article the band wants to move forward in their music, not backwards.

Rick Rubin brought back the classic sound of Metallica, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, etc. U2 continues to evolve into new sounds every album.

This is why I dig U2 and why I admire this legendary band ’cause you never know what they are going to do next. They’re an unpredictable band. You’ll never know what their style of music will be on their next album. I just hope and pray that U2’s next album will be energetic and rocking. I hope they stay away from electronica and pop/rock. I think U2’s “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” is their best new album. That album has a classic U2 feel.

“How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb” their latest was ok and pretty good but nothing all that great.