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Report: Snoop Dogg changes his staged name, image and genre… he is now Snoop Lion…

After a little vacation in Jamaica, Snoop Dogg is completely retiring from the hip hop genre and wants to forget his past as a hip hop star. He changed his staged name, image and genre. He’s been inspired to play reggae music. He wants to start a reggae career under the, Snoop Lion, name. He already performed 5 new songs for a small crowd, while in Jamaica.

More on the story, here.

After years of making smash hit hip hop records, he’s turning his back on the hip hop industry and his longtime fans? Sure, looks like it! He can change himself, all he wants to, he will forever be known as, the Dogg.

On top of all this, Snoop, is not Jamaican, even though he think he is now. Snoop is an American and was born in California. Most reggae musicians over the years were actual Jamaicans. Snoop is just living in a fantasy world and being delusional. I understand how he wants to grow out of hip hop, the older he gets though, I’ll give him that respect.


Report: Scorsese out, Jonathan Demme in for Bob Marley documentary…

Legendary director Martin Scorsese dropped out of filming the Bob Marley documentary due to busy scheduling conflicts, director Jonathan Demme immediately took over Scorsese’s place. Demme does have experience in directing music documentary films to such music artists as the Talking Heads, Robyn Hitchcock and Neil Young. Demme’s other movies include “Philadelphia” starring Tom Hanks, “The Manchurian Candidate” and more.

Variety Reports:


I am kind of shocked that Scorsese pulled out. He seems too committed to this project until now. I guess Scorsese has too many upcoming films to make on his hands.



Report: No Bob Marley music for Bob Marley biopic?

The Weinsten Company has plans in making a biopic movie about the legendary reggae singer Bob Marley, with wife and widow Rita Marley is executive producing the film. It’s a film where an actor plays the legendary Bob Marley telling the story about his life and career in music.

Bob Marley’s family members has blocked a licensing deal from the Weinstein Company licensing the music of Bob Marley to be included in the biopic film. That means Bob Marley’s original studio recordings will not be included in the film.

Why is this you ask?

The answer is easy. Film maker Martin Scorsese has planned on making a rockumentary about the legendary singer similar to what he did to the movies “Shine the Light” (a rockumentary about the Rolling Stones) and “The Last Waltz” (a rockumentary about Robbie Robertson and The Band). Martin Scorsese doesn’t want to compete with another film based on the same thing about Bob Marley is the reason for the snub. Ziggy Marley and other family members only priority is keeping Bob Marley’s legacy alive to this day. The Marley biopic film is not yet greenlighted because there is not a script yet.

More on it here:


The biopic film shouldn’t even happen.

Kudos to Scorsese for snatching the rights to Marley’s music.

I look forward to seeing Scorsese’s rockumentary on Marley than the biopic.