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The “Amy” documentary film is definitely worth watching for any music fan!

Last night, I finally got around to watching the “Amy” documentary. Ya know, the film that is based upon the jazz & pop singer, Amy Winehouse. I thought the film was very very good. It was very well made. Probably one of the best music documentaries I’ve seen in a long while. It was well filmed and well put together.

Of course, the film blames Blake Fielder-Civil on Amy’s death which I kind of disagree with. The film also accused him of getting Amy into drugs which I’m pretty sure is a false claim as well. The way I look at it is, I think Amy had a drug and alcohol problem long before she met Blake. Even though Blake is a junkie too, I don’t think he had anything to do with the passing of Amy. I think Amy did that to herself and her family just wants to place the blame on someone else which is typical when someone famous dies of drugs & alcohol.

Other than that, it was a great documentary. The film focuses on her life and career. I kind of wished the film concentrated on her music career instead of focusing on her problems, though.

The film was pretty dark, sad and enjoyable all at the same time. So if you decide to watch this someday better have a box of kleenex nearby ’cause the ending of this film will do it to you.

Check this film out. I’ve always been a fan of Amy Winehouse ’cause I love the “Back to Black” album. It’s a shame she left us too soon ’cause she was talented and a beautiful girl too.



It’s actually good news that Amy Winehouse death probe reopened…

Due to the assistant deputy coroner losing her position because she wasn’t a registered lawyer, this has forced Amy Winehouse’s death probe to be re-opened. In the original report, was said that Amy’s cause of death was alcohol poisoning. So they made it final, that it was a “death by misadventure”. Look like they couldn’t trust the original source, which is why it has been re-opened. Amy’s family, fans, and friends, deserve some real answers on how she died, so I don’t see how this could be disrespectful to them.

I’m looking forward to seeing if the next death results will be any different. If they still stay the same that she died of alcohol poisoning, that’s okay, people make mistakes. There are still hopes that she may have died pretty healthy, though. Maybe they’ll discover that she had no alcohol in her system at all? It’s already been proven that illegal drugs wasn’t responsible.

It is still a shame that Amy is gone. I don’t care what the haters say, I’m a fan. Loved her! It’s a real shame her career was cut short. She definitely could have had a long lasting career and become even bigger of a star. Yep, I was pretty devastated when she died. She was great.

More on the story, here.


Report: Too much alcohol killed Amy Winehouse, not drugs…

Well, the official cause of death of UK pop star, Amy Winehouse have been announced. Alcohol poisoning was the result of her death, which was, “death by misadventure”. Her blood alcohol levels was more than 5 times than the legal limit for driving.

More on the story, here.

This should be a wake up call to all alcohol drinkers out there. Not just alcoholics, this goes for occasional drinkers too. It’s stuff like this is why I don’t drink anymore.

I used to get myself loaded as fuck at house parties and local band shows, but I had to cut it out. I didn’t want to see my life that way.

There are way too many drunks these days and it’s just sad. There’s nothing great about drinking. It messes your life up, no matter what you think of it.


Report: Mitch Winehouse, to write a memoir on his late daughter, Amy…

Mitch Winehouse, the father of Amy Winehouse, is set for a book deal by Harper Collins. The book will be titled, “Amy: My Daughter”, and it will focus on her entire life from her childhood to her singing career. It will also focus on her drugs & alcohol addiction. The book is slated for a Summer of 2012 release date.

More on the story, here.

Well, I’m sure the book will be released in the U.K. first, then the U.S. later.

The book is gonna be interesting and I will buy it when it comes out. I’m sure there’ll be a lot of trash talking at Blake Fielder Civil, ’cause I believe they never liked each other that much.


Report: Amy Winehouse toxicology reports are in, she did not die of illegal drugs…

See? It’s not always the drugs. You can’t always blame it on the drugs. Turned out that Amy was pretty clean. Still though, it could be possible that alcohol and legal prescription drugs could take the blame. It may not be that either. Her death may have been simply accidental or she could have been really sick and never told anyone. Her cause of death is a mystery for sure.

TMZ, reports.


Thought: Amy Winehouse should be remembered for her music, not her drug use and partying lifestyle…

When people want to remember Amy as her drug use and partying lifestyle, I think it’s wrong and unfair. Personal problems should be kept away from the music. Amy’s music may not be for everyone but her music and her talent was so special, in a lot of ways. She was a pop music artist, yes, but she wrote pop music like no other artist would. Most pop artists are mostly electronica & dance stuff. Not Amy’s music though. She had a mix of R&B, jazz, big band swing, etc.

You can’t deny that Amy was a very talented singer. She may have been losing her talent and all before she died, but everyone should respect her the great talent that she was.

Like her or not, she’s going to leave behind a huge legacy for her music. She was a new breakout artist who just started. She only had two albums and I think she just finished a new album with Mark Ronson before she died. They’ll probably release it too.

I’m sure she had plenty of unreleased material that the record labels will probably release also. I can see Mark and the record labels will try to get the public to respect her for the music. “Back To Black” was an incredible mind blowing album. I’m not saying that because she died, I was listening to that album all the time even when she was alive. I still listen to the album all the time. It’s one of my top ten favorite records ever. Love it to death.

No matter how she died, she’s just too young to go. She had an incredible singing voice and I wished I had seen her live in concert. The labels will keep her legacy in music alive just like they do with Joplin, Hendrix, and Jim Morrison. Like her or not, it is tragic that we lost Amy.


Thought: Who should play Amy Winehouse for her biopic film when they do one?

Now that Amy is gone, you can expect Hollywood to make a biopic film about her where an actress would play the deceased pop star. The actress would have to match her look and be around the same age.

Here are my picks of young actresses that should play Amy:

  • Scarlett Johansson – Scarlett is just about Amy’s age and she has the good enough acting chops to play just about anything, plus she can sing and has musical experience.
  • Megan Fox – For years, Megan and Amy have been compared to each other. They both look kind of similar. Just give Megan the similar clothing Amy wears, the same tattoos, and there you go, Megan would look exactly like Amy. Megan doesn’t sing but she could learn for the film.
  • Keira Knightley – She’s got Amy’s look a little bit too.
  • Natalie Portman – Simply because she did a great job with “Black Swan”, I think Natalie would be a good fit.
  • Christina Aguilera – She did a good job playing the leading role in the film “Burlesque” which is a film that I actually enjoyed, plus, she’s an actual musician and singer too. She wouldn’t be a bad pick.

I would go see an Amy Winehouse biopic film, depending on who’s directing and starring in it. I just hope they make it an Oscar winning movie when they do one.


Amy Winehouse death gets mixed reactions online…

Some are sad and they grieve over her death. Some just don’t care. Some are glad that she’s gone. I look at all of this, and I’m thinking to myself like, “Really?” To the ones that don’t care, I find it pretty disrespectful in Amy’s honor. Yet, everyone grieved over the death of Heath Ledger, when he had a drug addiction too. Heath died of a drug overdose, yet people seem to feel sorry for him and not Amy. See what’s wrong with the picture?

I’m sad over her death because it reminded me of someone in my life who died of drugs at a young age. Drug addicts can’t help for what they are. It’s a hard demon to get rid of.

On top of that, folks, I wouldn’t call this a drug overdose yet. You shouldn’t really jump into speculation, because what if she didn’t die of drugs at all? Maybe she had a terrible accident and got really sick. I thought it would be drugs sure, like everyone else, but you never know when they do the autopsy and get the toxicology reports in. She may have even died pretty clean, ya never know.

I’m sad over her death because I loved her music and a die hard fan. Like her or not, she was talented. Her death was tragic. She’s a sad loss in the music world, agree with it or not.

Drug addicts are human beings and they should be treated like one, despite the problems.RIP Amy.