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Report: Miley Cyrus finally admits bong video was wrong…

Well, look like Miley had a long private discussion with her parents and they must of made her apologize publicly for the bong video posted above.

Miley had an interview with Marie Claire magazine to talk about.

TMZ, reports.

I understand that she’s a teenager, experimenting with things as they grow up ’cause they all want to party and try new things, but when you’re big and famous, that’s a different story. Try to understand that. Miley is a Disney star, a film star, and a pop music star. She’s a role model for young kids. This is why she got the backlash.

She already destroyed her character by the bong video and kids will now look at her in a different way from this point on.


Correction: Miley wasn’t smoking weed, it was Salvia…

What Miley was really smoking, wasn’t weed. It was Salvia, which is much more dangerous than weed. I’ll take back what I said about Miley doing nothing wrong and changed my mind, that she is doing something wrong and she needs to get checked out. This drug can kill her.

All about Salvia, here.

Look like Miley got into hanging with the wrong crowd that she thought they were her friends.