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Phish, I don’t understand all the hate toward this band… I’ve always loved them!

Part of the reason why I love Phish so much is ’cause they are a fun and unpredictable band to listen to. Many fans turned their back on Phish and stopped supporting them. They are now one of the most hated jam bands out there now and I can’t understand why. To me they are just a regular band just like all bands. Playing music ’cause they love it. They have fun doing it. That’s one of the reasons why I respect that band ’cause of their passion for music and they do show it when they get on that stage.

I finished listened to Phish’s studio albums. Their entire catalog of albums I listened to this week. While I enjoyed listening to Phish’s studio albums, it’s even more fun listening to them live, though. Either listening to them live in person or listening to their live albums is more fun ’cause why? Phish is more of a live band than a studio band. That’s why a lot of Phish songs on their studio albums are pretty short but when they play their songs live, they extend them into an improvised jam. They never play their songs the same way twice either. That’s another reason I respect them so much.

Another reason I respect them ’cause all the guys in Phish are very talented musicians. I respect the talent of each member: Trey, Mike, Jon and Page. Phish has always been the same 4 guys. They never had any lineup changes.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Phish and still love them now. I’ve never turned my back on them: What are my favorite albums by Phish? While I do like them all a lot… my favorites would have to be “Rift”, “Hoist”, “Farmhouse”, “Lawn Boy” and their latest record, “Fuego” is an amazing record. I would say “Fuego” is their best record.

Phish is one band that deserves an induction in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and it’s kind of crazy they aren’t in yet.

Love Phish or hate them all you want to but this band is very successful. They still sell out arena shows everywhere. I respect the hell out of this band.

Maybe part of the reason people hate them is the drugs which is understandable but I don’t care about the drugs… I Just love the music and the band’s musicianship. Plus they are fun as hell to dance to at their live shows which is what they’re all about.

Phish is a genius band. I’ll always respect them. I don’t care what the haters think.


The Grateful Dead plays Levi Stadium for 50th Anniversary…

Oh man… I kind of figure that the Grateful Dead still got it even if Jerry Garcia is gone. I’m sure Jerry would have been proud of them! Grateful Dead still killing it!

Is it just me or is Trey Anastasio looking very nervous? I can see why ’cause he is on stage playing with the fuckin’ Grateful Dead! A dream come true for him! At the same time Trey is looking very happy and psyched.

The surviving members of the Dead still play very well together… Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann. They still sound like the Dead even after all these years. If Jerry was still alive, I’m sure he would have been up there instead of Trey.

I kind of wish I was at these final shows. If I find more videos with good quality, I’ll post ’em.


The Grateful Dead’s “Fare thee Well” tour begins and here is night no. 1…

The Grateful Dead’s “Fare thee Well” tour begins with night no. 1 that just happened last night. The surviving members of the Grateful Dead jammed with special guests Trey Anastasio and Bruce Hornsby to play a night of well-known Grateful Dead songs.

Here is the set/list from night 1:

Set One:

Uncle John’s Band
Cumberland Blues
Born Cross-Eyed
Cream Puff War
Viola Lee Blues

Set Two:

Cryptical Envelopment
Dark Star
St. Stephen
The Eleven
Turn On Your Love Light
What’s Become Of The Baby
The Other One
Morning Dew


Casey Jones


I’ve heard most of those songs too. I’m trying to search youtube for some of the performances but they aren’t in youtube yet. I would love to watch the live stream but of course, you have to pay money in order to watch it.

I’ve read somewhere that these concerts will be released on CD/DVD later this year so I’ll hear it then.

Of course, you can expect there will be plenty of arrests and a lot of cops will be around ’cause police officers love going to jam band shows as it keeps them busy. A lot of drugs and hippies will be around for sure. I know ’cause I’ve seen Phish a couple of times and been to jam band concerts before. Hippies are nice people though… of course they are ’cause hippies are all about “peace and love”.


Phish and drugs…

This news story, here,  has been making the rounds of facebook so I thought I would respond my thoughts to it. Phish had a three day concert at a venue called SPAC in Saratoga Springs. Phish is a well-known psychedelic jam band who kind of sounds similar to the Grateful Dead but a little different w/ Trey Anastasio being the band’s frontman and guitarist. Look like the police had a bit of fun that weekend and kept themselves busy. One concert goer was found dead and about 80 other people were arrested. Not just for pot but various of other hard drugs all over the place.

Yet, people in this generation are trying to understand why? Why do people do drugs at Phish shows? I’ve been to a couple of Phish shows myself and I know what it’s like. When you go to Phish shows there are drug addicts everywhere. They would do them outside of the venue and they would do them in the venue too.

This is nothing new with people doing drugs at rock concerts. This goes way back in the 60’s rock n’ roll era. Especially Woodstock ’69. Woodstock ’69 was all about the hard drugs and the hippie lifestyle. People were doing drugs at all rock band shows back in those days. People did drugs at Hendrix shows, Led Zeppelin shows, The Who, The Doors, Beatles, Cream, etc. Of course, when the Grateful Dead came around that’s when the drug culture in rock music became big and mainstream.

I wouldn’t really blame Phish on the drugs at concerts. That’s the way the hippie lifestyle is.

Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely love the psychedelic era of rock n’ roll and I LOVE jam band music but I hate the hippie lifestyle. They may seem like nice people but honestly they’re a bunch of losers who don’t have much going on in their life, anways. All those people do is party hard.

I’m not a hard partier. I don’t do illegal drugs and don’t do alcohol but I have been to plenty of jam band shows so I know all about the hippie lifestyle. I do agree; however, that drugs at concerts are getting out of hand. The Dave Matthews Band have drug addicts at their gigs too. Why do fans of these jam bands wanna get stoned or tripped up on drugs at these concerts? Well, I think the obvious reason is that they think that’s part of the gigs, and they think that’s how they have fun so they can dance, and party with the other hippies. It’s all part of a social gathering.

Doing drugs at concerts is nothing new… and it’s not just the jam band genre. People do drugs at metal shows and even country concerts. The reason cops show up at jam band shows is because that’s where there will be a lot more action for them and a bigger payday for them.

Remember… don’t blame Phish… that’s just how the hippie lifestyle is. Yes, hippies still exist to this day and those people really bother me.

I can still go to a concert by not getting stoned or drunk or whatever, and still have a lot of fun!!! I can still dance like crazy by not doing any drugs. I’ll admit it though — I was drunk as hell at one Phish show but I don’t drink anymore.


Thought: Why I love Phish so much…

I’m sure some would wonder why I love that band Phish, which are known as a hippy acid rock jam band. I know most Phish fans do drugs and drink, but I don’t need to do any of that stuff to enjoy their music. Do I enjoy their songwriting skills? Yes, they write pretty good stuff in the studio…but what I’m most impressed about with this band is the way they play their live shows. I’ve seen so much live music over the years. In today’s music, no live performer out there can perform live better than Phish can, period.

They are not really seen as a studio band. They are seen as a live band. That’s what people are used to seeing Phish as. So many people compare Phish to the Grateful Dead, but I disagree. They don’t sound like each other at all. What I admire about Phish’s live playing is that they know how to control an audience. Their instruments speak to their audience. They can have the power to control an audience how they please just by playing on stage. Trey’s magical guitar leads blaring out in far away places, just makes you want to dance to them. A band like Phish they can get on stage and play as long as they want, all night if they wanted to. They would jam on every song for like 30 or 40 minutes each, and after the gig, they act like it was an easy thing to do and it was nothing.

When ever I go to a Phish show, they make you feel like it’s your second home. They really make you feel part of the band. The band shows that they do it for the fans and not for themselves. Them coming back is not about ego and money at all. They came back ’cause their fans wanted them back. A band like Phish, you don’t even have to know their songs well by heart just to see them live, just go there and enjoy the show. Just for the enjoyment of feeling like home with the band. You’re looking at future, Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famers here.

Phish is indeed, the greatest live performers on this planet. Trey Anastasio may not be a trained vocalist, he may not be that great of a singer, true, but in jam band music, you don’t even need to sing good. They just did it. Just sang with no musical training. In jam band music, fans don’t really worry about the vocals anyways. They just want to hear some long guitar jams. That’s what jam band is all about.

Phish will be playing two nights of SPAC in Saratoga Springs this Summer, and I’m thinking of going to both of them. Probably will. If I go, I’ll probably get lawn tickets, not inside.


Thought: Phish fans and drugs…

At the Phish concert last Sunday night, I was amazed that everywhere you go, there were drugs all over the place. Weed, acid, you name it. People were on everything. I’m sure all Phish shows are like this, of course.

After Trey Anastasio’s drug bust in Whitehall a few years ago, when he got stuck in rehab here in Saratoga Springs, he went through a pretty long rehab journey. When he got clean and was ready to graduate, get out of rehab….I was hoping and looking forward to seeing the Phish fans to follow suit of Trey Anastasio.

I was wondering if the Phish fans were thinking the same thing…”Geez, what am I doing to myself, I should go to rehab like Trey, my hero, and get clean”.

Well, that never happened. Trey going to rehab to get clean never taught the fans anything.

While the band was playing on stage, looking at everybody in the audience, everybody definitely looked really drunk, stoned and were tripping on something.

Trey looked really clean, he didn’t look like he was on anything. He was so happy on stage, he was all smiles and so full of energy throughout most of the gig. He is a much better guitar player when he is clean and sober as well. He was on fire that night!

Trey should start giving advice to Phish fans to go to rehab like he did so they don’t end up killing themselves and Phish wouldn’t have any fans left.

You can still have a fun time and have a blast without drinking and doing drugs.


Report: Phish reveals tracklisting of new album, “Joy”, disc to hit stores Sept 8th…

Trey Anastasio and Phish has revealed the tracklisting of their new album, “Joy” which will hit record stores everywhere Sept. 8th this fall. Phish will also end their summer tour this coming Sunday, Aug. 16th at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

I will be attending their SPAC gig this Sunday and it will be thrilling to be part of their last gig of the tour this year. I’m pretty sure, Phish will give Saratoga Springs their best gig.

I’m also looking forward to their new album which I will definitely pick up. I don’t have any Phish albums in my collection but I’m going to start collecting their entire discography. I’m going to have to order Phish albums online though since at Best Buy and F.Y.E. has mostly Phish live albums, I want their studio albums.

I love Phish so much, they are one of the best bands going in the music industry today.

See their tracklisting here:



Report: Phish add more shows to their tour, and yes, they are coming to Saratoga Springs at SPAC!!!

Trey Anastasio and the original members of the jam band, Phish, has officially reunited. The band has already been playing a few concerts over the U.S. They added some more gigs to their tour. The band is making a stop to SPAC in Saratoga Springs on August 16th of this summer. I think I’m definitely getting inside tickets for this one.

I have seen Phish live once before and wouldn’t mind seeing them again. I also saw Trey Anastasio solo concert before as well, so that makes it two times I’ve seen Trey on stage. The jam band concerts are such a blast! I love going to them.

See if the band is playing around your area here:



Report: Phish is officially reunited but for part time or full time?

Are you down with disease? Yes, that’s right. Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Mike Gordon and Jon Fishman are back together again to play for more shows!!! Ever since Trey Anastasio graduated from his drug treatment program here in the Capital District area, Trey immediately got busy to doing what he loves best…MUSIC!!!

Phish is booked for a three concert date at the Hampton Colisuem in Hampton, Virginia. Even more concert dates will be announced later in 2009. Does this mean that Phish has a full time world tour ahead of them? We’ll just have to wait and see!!!

The Associated Press reports:


It wouldn’t surprise me if the band came back full time. I lost count how many times they broke up and came back.

I can’t blame Trey though, he is probably doing the Phish reunion to celebrate getting out of drug rehab.

Glad he is happy again and hope he’ll stay off the drugs.


Report: Trey Anastasio unveils new songs at comeback solo show in Brooklyn…

Look like Trey Anastasio has been writing new songs for a new solo album while he was here in the Capital District area for his drug treatment program. He must be cleared of the law now since he is going out of the area performing gigs.

Trey Anastasio played his first solo gig in a long time in Brooklyn, New York. He played a bunch of Phish favorites and he’s thrown in a lot of his new songs he’s been writing lately.

More on it here:


Glad for Trey that he’s doing better, and hope he goes back into the studio again soon for a new solo record.