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Report: Phish add more shows to their tour, and yes, they are coming to Saratoga Springs at SPAC!!!

Trey Anastasio and the original members of the jam band, Phish, has officially reunited. The band has already been playing a few concerts over the U.S. They added some more gigs to their tour. The band is making a stop to SPAC in Saratoga Springs on August 16th of this summer. I think I’m definitely getting inside tickets for this one.

I have seen Phish live once before and wouldn’t mind seeing them again. I also saw Trey Anastasio solo concert before as well, so that makes it two times I’ve seen Trey on stage. The jam band concerts are such a blast! I love going to them.

See if the band is playing around your area here:



Report: Phish is officially reunited but for part time or full time?

Are you down with disease? Yes, that’s right. Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Mike Gordon and Jon Fishman are back together again to play for more shows!!! Ever since Trey Anastasio graduated from his drug treatment program here in the Capital District area, Trey immediately got busy to doing what he loves best…MUSIC!!!

Phish is booked for a three concert date at the Hampton Colisuem in Hampton, Virginia. Even more concert dates will be announced later in 2009. Does this mean that Phish has a full time world tour ahead of them? We’ll just have to wait and see!!!

The Associated Press reports:


It wouldn’t surprise me if the band came back full time. I lost count how many times they broke up and came back.

I can’t blame Trey though, he is probably doing the Phish reunion to celebrate getting out of drug rehab.

Glad he is happy again and hope he’ll stay off the drugs.


Report: Trey Anastasio unveils new songs at comeback solo show in Brooklyn…

Look like Trey Anastasio has been writing new songs for a new solo album while he was here in the Capital District area for his drug treatment program. He must be cleared of the law now since he is going out of the area performing gigs.

Trey Anastasio played his first solo gig in a long time in Brooklyn, New York. He played a bunch of Phish favorites and he’s thrown in a lot of his new songs he’s been writing lately.

More on it here:


Glad for Trey that he’s doing better, and hope he goes back into the studio again soon for a new solo record.


Report: Phish, another one to join the “reuniting” bandwagon?

Rumours are swirling the internets that Trey Anastasio and the original members of Phish maybe coming back. They could be back in the studio soon to record a new studio album with producer Steve Lillywhite. So far, Trey Anastasio himself has kept his mouth shut about confirmation of the Phish reunion although he has hinted in interviews that it might actually happen. It is very likely that the band could be coming back.

Billboard reports:


Could Trey surprise the hell out of us and make the first Phish reunion concert to happen in Washington County right here in my home area? Trey could have a Phish concert here in Washington County if he wanted to and it would be fuckin’ sweet if he did bring Phish here!!!!

I know Phish is too famous for a small town like this but hey, this is fucking Trey Anastasio! This dude will play music anywhere! It wouldn’t be surprising if Trey brought Phish here after graduating drug court, I mean, think about it. It’s a great way for him to celebrate his graduation by bringing Phish back!! Why would he want to do a boring solo show here in Washington County when Phish is the way to party? Bring out the druggies and hippies in Washington County!



BREAKING NEWS: Trey Anastasio is now a FREE man!!! Graduated from drug court!!!

Former Phish man Trey Anastasio is a free man and successfully graduated from drug court in Fort Edward. Trey was one of the 11 graduates in the drug court program. The 11 graduates were in the court room getting their award by the judge for a job well done. Trey graduated after 14 months, and he’s been here since 18 months after his arrest in Whitehall, N.Y. The famous guitarist currently resides in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Trey could soon be a free man for good, the judge could drop his charges soon it looks like so he can move out of town if he chooses to. Chief Lapachelle who is the one who arrested Anastasio in Whitehall became close friends with Anastasio and Lapachelle hopes Trey will stick around longer so he can put on a concert to celebrate his graduation in Washington County.

WNYT Reports:


Congratulations to Trey! A Trey Anastasio solo concert in Washington County before he leaves would be great! I’d definitely go to that show if the concert happens. I’m sure Trey would be down for a concert in this area.



Report: Charges reduced on Trey Anastasio…

The former frontman and guitarist for the iconic jam band Phish, Trey Anastasio has been doing well in drug treatment here in the Capital District area. Judge McKeighan has been pretty impressed with how Trey is doing in drug treatment and he is improving, and getting cleaner.

Trey Anastasio was pulled over in Whitehall, N.Y. caught with all kinds of drugs back in 2006. A legendary rock star being pulled over in our area, yes where I live in, had created a lot of controversy in the area left people wondering what the hell was Trey doing in Upstate, N.Y.

The judge dropped felony drug charges down to a misdemeanor, which is great news for him. Anastasio actually enjoys being in the drug treatment program and had some positive things to say about it as well. He just want to get clean with drugs and live a better life. While Trey is on a 3 year probation, the charges could get shorter if he continues to improve.

Trey has been living right here in Saratoga Springs ever since he was caught in 2006 because he’s not allowed to be out of the area during his probation.

WNYT Reports:


Once Trey finishes probation or the court lets him walk free if he improves, don’t expect Trey to live in Saratoga Springs any longer. He’ll probably wind up moving back to New York City where he was living before he was forced to move here.

Trey still makes appearances at local concerts playing guitar with greats such as Dave Matthews at Spac and Phil Lesh at the Glens Falls Civic Center.

While Trey is in the area, don’t expect him to play a gig at Valentine’s or Northern Lights because he’s too famous for those venues. It would be nice if he does play a solo gig at a small intimate venue though, he has a lot of New York fans. He’ll probably do it down the road, I’m sure. Maybe the Egg in Albany will book him, who knows.