Phish, I don’t understand all the hate toward this band… I’ve always loved them!

Part of the reason why I love Phish so much is ’cause they are a fun and unpredictable band to listen to. Many fans turned their back on Phish and stopped supporting them. They are now one of the most hated jam bands out there now and I can’t understand why. To me they are just a regular band just like all bands. Playing music ’cause they love it. They have fun doing it. That’s one of the reasons why I respect that band ’cause of their passion for music and they do show it when they get on that stage.

I finished listened to Phish’s studio albums. Their entire catalog of albums I listened to this week. While I enjoyed listening to Phish’s studio albums, it’s even more fun listening to them live, though. Either listening to them live in person or listening to their live albums is more fun ’cause why? Phish is more of a live band than a studio band. That’s why a lot of Phish songs on their studio albums are pretty short but when they play their songs live, they extend them into an improvised jam. They never play their songs the same way twice either. That’s another reason I respect them so much.

Another reason I respect them ’cause all the guys in Phish are very talented musicians. I respect the talent of each member: Trey, Mike, Jon and Page. Phish has always been the same 4 guys. They never had any lineup changes.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Phish and still love them now. I’ve never turned my back on them: What are my favorite albums by Phish? While I do like them all a lot… my favorites would have to be “Rift”, “Hoist”, “Farmhouse”, “Lawn Boy” and their latest record, “Fuego” is an amazing record. I would say “Fuego” is their best record.

Phish is one band that deserves an induction in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and it’s kind of crazy they aren’t in yet.

Love Phish or hate them all you want to but this band is very successful. They still sell out arena shows everywhere. I respect the hell out of this band.

Maybe part of the reason people hate them is the drugs which is understandable but I don’t care about the drugs… I Just love the music and the band’s musicianship. Plus they are fun as hell to dance to at their live shows which is what they’re all about.

Phish is a genius band. I’ll always respect them. I don’t care what the haters think.


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