Phish and drugs…

This news story, here,  has been making the rounds of facebook so I thought I would respond my thoughts to it. Phish had a three day concert at a venue called SPAC in Saratoga Springs. Phish is a well-known psychedelic jam band who kind of sounds similar to the Grateful Dead but a little different w/ Trey Anastasio being the band’s frontman and guitarist. Look like the police had a bit of fun that weekend and kept themselves busy. One concert goer was found dead and about 80 other people were arrested. Not just for pot but various of other hard drugs all over the place.

Yet, people in this generation are trying to understand why? Why do people do drugs at Phish shows? I’ve been to a couple of Phish shows myself and I know what it’s like. When you go to Phish shows there are drug addicts everywhere. They would do them outside of the venue and they would do them in the venue too.

This is nothing new with people doing drugs at rock concerts. This goes way back in the 60’s rock n’ roll era. Especially Woodstock ’69. Woodstock ’69 was all about the hard drugs and the hippie lifestyle. People were doing drugs at all rock band shows back in those days. People did drugs at Hendrix shows, Led Zeppelin shows, The Who, The Doors, Beatles, Cream, etc. Of course, when the Grateful Dead came around that’s when the drug culture in rock music became big and mainstream.

I wouldn’t really blame Phish on the drugs at concerts. That’s the way the hippie lifestyle is.

Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely love the psychedelic era of rock n’ roll and I LOVE jam band music but I hate the hippie lifestyle. They may seem like nice people but honestly they’re a bunch of losers who don’t have much going on in their life, anways. All those people do is party hard.

I’m not a hard partier. I don’t do illegal drugs and don’t do alcohol but I have been to plenty of jam band shows so I know all about the hippie lifestyle. I do agree; however, that drugs at concerts are getting out of hand. The Dave Matthews Band have drug addicts at their gigs too. Why do fans of these jam bands wanna get stoned or tripped up on drugs at these concerts? Well, I think the obvious reason is that they think that’s part of the gigs, and they think that’s how they have fun so they can dance, and party with the other hippies. It’s all part of a social gathering.

Doing drugs at concerts is nothing new… and it’s not just the jam band genre. People do drugs at metal shows and even country concerts. The reason cops show up at jam band shows is because that’s where there will be a lot more action for them and a bigger payday for them.

Remember… don’t blame Phish… that’s just how the hippie lifestyle is. Yes, hippies still exist to this day and those people really bother me.

I can still go to a concert by not getting stoned or drunk or whatever, and still have a lot of fun!!! I can still dance like crazy by not doing any drugs. I’ll admit it though — I was drunk as hell at one Phish show but I don’t drink anymore.


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