About why past Presidents haven’t been arrested for past crimes…

When discussing President Obama’s actions in the office… a lot of people mistakenly believe nothing will happen to him simply because nothing happened to past presidents. Yes. Past presidents definitely have done some pretty evil stuff while in the oval office… that includes George Dubya. None of ’em have been arrested for killing people and starting war crimes without Congress’s authority. Why is this you ask? Simply because the Constitution protects the president from being arrested. The only way to get the president in trouble is that they must get impeached, tried for treason, and then they can get an arrest after. So a President can get arrested — they need to get removed from office first.

This is exactly how so many Presidents over the years think they can get away with doing so much bad stuff ’cause the Constitution protects them from getting arrested.  The reason George Dubya didn’t get impeached even though they tried a few times is ’cause much like Obama… Dubya is a liar and he covered up most of his crimes.

Richard Nixon came this close to getting the impeachment but he resigned right before the charges were brought up in the House. Why did he do that? Simply to avoid an arrest… that’s why. I think Barack would do the same when too much information gets out there out of Benghazi.

The thing you have to ask yourself is… if George Dubya was found guilty of any of his past crimes during his president reign… can he get arrested and thrown in prison now? Absolutely!

No matter what you think of Obama… we’re gonna get him for Benghazi. Obama tried his best to cover up the Benghazi attacks but so far he isn’t doing a good job. Some information is already starting to come out. They just need to get proven in Congress. Benghazi is a pretty serious tragedy and those 4 Americans deserve their justices.

The whole Obama administration needs to go. Like I said before… Hillary, Biden, Holder, Rice, etc. Get rid of all of those murdering scum bags. They all deserve harsh punishment. Hope all that is coming for them soon.


13 thoughts on “About why past Presidents haven’t been arrested for past crimes…”

  1. I could be wrong, though. Maybe the President isn’t above the law. The law should apply to the President of the United States just like the law applies to all of us. Just ask Rod Blagojevich.


    1. I know Rod wasn’t president but just wanted to make an example that politicians aren’t above the law.


  2. Yeah, Nixon could have been charged, but Ford pardoned him and that was the end of that.

    And I don’t know why you say Hillary needs to go. She’s already gone. John Kerry took over as Secretary of State and Hillary is a private citizen.

    1. That’s because Hillary didn’t want another election of the Secretary of State. She dropped out ’cause she knew she was going to get busted on Benghazi but she still needs to be arrested, though.


      1. I can name that one at the top of my head easily — “Obstruction of Justice”.


  3. Unfortunately, nothing will come of this. Obama will finish out his term. Hilary will be elected in 2016, and we”ll all be just as screwed as we ever were.

    1. Hillary will not even make it to the nomination. She won’t go far at all. Everybody knows about her and Benghazi so she will not get many votes.


      1. Obama got elected. THEN he got re-elected. If Hilary decides to run, it’s hers for the taking. There are simply too many low-information voters out there. Too many libtard sheep. How do you think Obama stays where he is? He is too insulated. None of this will come down on him. NONE of it, whether he actually did it or not. There will always be scapegoats, and the Dem voting block is just too strong to overcome. Republicans blew the last two elections by not turning out to vote. Unless the Right comes up with a VERY compelling candidate, we will have 8 more years of this crap.

      2. If Hillary gets elected President, then I’m packing up and moving to the UK. Nottingham seems like a nice city to live in.


  4. One more thing that I wanted to bring up is that if we were to ever get our first woman president, I would prefer Sarah Palin over Hillary. I love Sarah. Love Sarah or hate her… she’ll run this country better than anybody. Sarah would make the perfect first female president and I hope she goes for a run in 2016.


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