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Grateful Dead’s “Europe ’72″…. oh my, I’m totally hooked to this live album… been listening to it all week…

If you’re a music album collector like myself and if you don’t have the Grateful Dead’s “Europe ’72” in it then you’re missing out. I’m glad I bought the Dead’s “Europe ’72” ’cause I can’t stop listening to it. As soon as the album starts, it immediately grabs you and you’ll want to immediately listen to it from start to finish each time you put on the album. This album will do that to you.

I’ve heard quite a few Dead live albums before but I think “Europe ’72” just might be the best one of them all. It’s a beautiful live album. Sound quality is surprisingly good on it. You can hear the band quite well and you can hear all the vocals pretty clearly as well. This album has Jerry Garcia’s best singing too.

This album also has some of the best improvisational jamming you’ll ever hear. When I put this album on and listen to it through the ear phones, a lot of times I can’t help myself but bop my head up and down and sometimes embarrassingly dance a little bit myself. The Grateful Dead is a dance band and this album will do that to you for sure. Put this album on your stereo system at home and you’ll probably get up and dance for no reason. The Dead was that kind of band.

I got this album on my Ipod touch and now I want a copy on vinyl. The vinyl is gonna be a bit pricey but it will be worth it ’cause of the sound quality. Maybe I’ll order the vinyl version off of amazon sometime in the future ’cause I do want to grow my vinyl collection. I do have a vinyl collection but a small one for now.


I’ve always known that this album was an important album in the Dead’s history and now listening to it for myself, I can understand why. It’s a pretty amazing album, all the way through.

Get it whether you’re a Dead fan or not. Even if you’re not a Dead fan at all, this album might turn you into a Deadfan after this.


Purchased some albums from Itunes earlier today…

Well today I just purchased 9 albums from Itunes.

I got the last three Grateful Dead albums that I needed to complete their 13 studio album discography. Now I have all 13 Grateful Dead studio albums on my Ipod Touch. Yeah, I’m a huge Grateful Dead nerd or what they all call a Deadhead. Now that I have all their studio albums, I’m going to start collecting their live albums pretty soon.

I now have all 6 Alice In Chains studio albums. I have both the Layne Staley era and the William Duvall era. I love both eras of the band. I’ve been a huge Alice In Chains fan since the very beginning in the 90’s and still pretty loyal to that band to this day. I think Jerry Cantrell is a great guitarist and songwriter. I’ve always admired and respected that man.

As for Guns N’ Roses “Appetite” album, I used to have that album on CD a long time ago but didn’t have it anymore so I decided to get it back digitally. I’ve always loved GN’R and still do. I listened to the “Appetite” album at the gym earlier today and forgot how amazing that album really is. It’s a classic record for sure.

I’ve also picked up two more Clutch albums ’cause I’m really getting into that band. I think I’m gonna collect their entire album discography too. Clutch is an addicting band to listen to and I’m loving them.

Well, there you have it. Enjoy!


John Mayer jamming with “Dead & Company” is great! WOW!!!!

This performance is fucking amazing. I was never a big John Mayer fan. I actually liked John Mayer playing with the Dead. Good stuff. I’m not a big fan of John’s solo career but he can find a good side project when he wants to. Even though I’m not a fan of John Mayer, I do agree that he is a great guitar player. I’ve always respected his guitar playing, I just never liked his songwriting. He’s great with the Grateful Dead and I think John should stick with this type of music instead of the pop/mainstream stuff John is known for. Kudos John.

Makes me wanna see “Dead & Company” live myself. As a matter of fact, “Dead & Company” with John Mayer already played here in Albany not too long ago… I wanted to go to that show but couldn’t afford it. Yeah, I love the Grateful Dead!



Video: The Grateful Dead performs “Row Jimmy” at Levi’s Stadium

I don’t know about you but Bob Weir is one HELL of a singer and guitar player. Oh wow. Even though Jerry Garcia originally sung the lead vocals on this song, Bob still did really well. I love Bob’s guitar playing style. If you watch Bob play rhythm guitar and watch what he’s doing… he does more than just playing open chords. His fretting hand is always up and down the neck. I’m pretty sure Bob is playing a lot of chord inversions. He knows the map of the fretboard. Once you’ve mastered the map of the fretboard, you’ll be able to play chords everywhere. Really, watch the way Bob plays, he moves his fretting hand all over the place. I would like to learn how to play rhythm guitar like that.


The Grateful Dead plays Levi Stadium for 50th Anniversary…

Oh man… I kind of figure that the Grateful Dead still got it even if Jerry Garcia is gone. I’m sure Jerry would have been proud of them! Grateful Dead still killing it!

Is it just me or is Trey Anastasio looking very nervous? I can see why ’cause he is on stage playing with the fuckin’ Grateful Dead! A dream come true for him! At the same time Trey is looking very happy and psyched.

The surviving members of the Dead still play very well together… Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann. They still sound like the Dead even after all these years. If Jerry was still alive, I’m sure he would have been up there instead of Trey.

I kind of wish I was at these final shows. If I find more videos with good quality, I’ll post ’em.


Trey Anastasio to front the Grateful Dead for final shows in Chicago!!!

This is is pretty big news for Deadheads and Phish phans. The 4 surviving members of The Grateful Dead will play 3 nights at Soldier Field in Chicago and Trey Anastasio is set to front the band replacing the late, Jerry Garcia. The Dead picked Soldier Field to be their final show ’cause that was the venue where it had Jerry’s last performance before he passed on.


This is huge for Trey and I’m sure it’s a dream come true for him to play with the Dead! WOW! I’m a fan of both the Dead and Phish. Congrats Trey!!!

I’m sure these concerts will be recorded for a DVD/CD release so I’ll hear it then! I’m sure It will be a killer show!


Report: Donna Summer’s hit, “I Feel Love” and Grateful Dead’s 1977 Barton Hall Concert added to the Library of Congress, Recording Registry…

2 history making recordings have made the Library of Congress, Recording Registry. Donna Summer’s hit, “I Feel Love” and the Grateful Dead’s historic concert which is the most important of the band’s career, 1977 @ Barton Hall, are being inducted into the registry. Congrats to both of them and very well deserved. I’m sure both Donna and Jerry, would be proud if they were still alive today.

More on the story, here.


Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia!!!

August is a special month for Deadheads. Why? Because August 1st is the day Jerry Garcia was born in the year 1942 and Jerry died several days later in 1995 of the same month! If Jerry was still alive, he would have been 69 right now. If Jerry was still alive, I’m pretty sure he would still be doing what he loved doing best. Playing with the Grateful Dead. If he was still around, I’m sure the Grateful Dead would still be together today, making albums and touring like they always did. Sometimes I wondered what it would be like if the Grateful Dead with Jerry fronting was still here today. I’m sure they wouldn’t lose their popularity.

I’m a pretty big Grateful Dead fan like all the others. Some people don’t see it, but yes, I’m a Deadhead. I’ve never seen the Grateful Dead in concert when Jerry was alive but I’ve wished I did. RIP Jerry. He maybe gone, but his legacy still lives on to this day!