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Grateful Dead’s “Europe ’72″…. oh my, I’m totally hooked to this live album… been listening to it all week…

If you’re a music album collector like myself and if you don’t have the Grateful Dead’s “Europe ’72” in it then you’re missing out. I’m glad I bought the Dead’s “Europe ’72” ’cause I can’t stop listening to it. As soon as the album starts, it immediately grabs you and you’ll want to immediately listen to it from start to finish each time you put on the album. This album will do that to you.

I’ve heard quite a few Dead live albums before but I think “Europe ’72” just might be the best one of them all. It’s a beautiful live album. Sound quality is surprisingly good on it. You can hear the band quite well and you can hear all the vocals pretty clearly as well. This album has Jerry Garcia’s best singing too.

This album also has some of the best improvisational jamming you’ll ever hear. When I put this album on and listen to it through the ear phones, a lot of times I can’t help myself but bop my head up and down and sometimes embarrassingly dance a little bit myself. The Grateful Dead is a dance band and this album will do that to you for sure. Put this album on your stereo system at home and you’ll probably get up and dance for no reason. The Dead was that kind of band.

I got this album on my Ipod touch and now I want a copy on vinyl. The vinyl is gonna be a bit pricey but it will be worth it ’cause of the sound quality. Maybe I’ll order the vinyl version off of amazon sometime in the future ’cause I do want to grow my vinyl collection. I do have a vinyl collection but a small one for now.


I’ve always known that this album was an important album in the Dead’s history and now listening to it for myself, I can understand why. It’s a pretty amazing album, all the way through.

Get it whether you’re a Dead fan or not. Even if you’re not a Dead fan at all, this album might turn you into a Deadfan after this.