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Report: Donna Summer’s hit, “I Feel Love” and Grateful Dead’s 1977 Barton Hall Concert added to the Library of Congress, Recording Registry…

2 history making recordings have made the Library of Congress, Recording Registry. Donna Summer’s hit, “I Feel Love” and the Grateful Dead’s historic concert which is the most important of the band’s career, 1977 @ Barton Hall, are being inducted into the registry. Congrats to both of them and very well deserved. I’m sure both Donna and Jerry, would be proud if they were still alive today.

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Report: James Cameron’s “The Terminator” blasts it’s way to the Library of Congress in the film registry…

“The Terminator” that stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Michael Beihn is now added to the National Film Registry in the Library of Congress, amongst other classics. Just the first “Terminator” only that was directed by Jimmy Cameron, not the other three Terminator films.

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Everybody loves “T2:  Judgement Day” to be the best Terminator film of the series, but honestly, I find that the first Terminator is the best of the series. I honestly love Arnold as the bad guy Terminator way more.