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Alice in Chains is still the best rock band going right now… they haven’t changed their sound since they started in the 90’s!

I’ve been listening to 90’s band Alice In Chains a lot pretty obsessively for a long while now. I really love both the Layne Staley and William Duvall eras. What’s interesting to me is that the band never changed their “grungy” like sound even with different singers. I listened to both singers Layne and William and I’m amazed that they sing exactly like each other. Pretty much dead on really.

Some of you may ask if Layne Staley didn’t die and if he was still in Alice in Chains now, would the band have sounded any different? No and here’s why. Jerry Cantrell is the primary songwriter of the band. Jerry wrote all the riffs. Jerry wrote all the music and he also wrote most of the lyrics. Staley contributed to some lyric writing and music but Jerry Cantrell wrote most of the material.

I listened to all albums of the band and I love everyone of them. Even all of the stuff in the William Duvall era is great. Yeah, people are upset that the band moved on without Layne but who cares. That’s what bands do. They move on and got to continue moving. Like they all say, “the show’s got to go on”. Bands just don’t give up making music ’cause that’s what they do.

I think Jerry Cantrell is a great guitar player and songwriter. He made some pretty tight and intense songs with the band. The Layne era was pretty special yes but give the Duvall era a chance. The Duvall era is great stuff too. Even with Duvall as singer, they still sound like Alice In Chains like they always did. Too many bands nowadays change their style of music with every album but Alice In Chains never did that which is why I love them. I own all 6 Alice In Chains albums and listen to them all the time on a repeated basis. They are still the greatest band in rock today.

Most of today’s rock music sucks ass but there are very few good bands out there still and Alice is one of them. I also love Greta Van Fleet, Ghost and getting into Clutch now. I also love Dream Theater and Opeth. They are some of my favorite bands.


Purchased some albums from Itunes earlier today…

Well today I just purchased 9 albums from Itunes.

I got the last three Grateful Dead albums that I needed to complete their 13 studio album discography. Now I have all 13 Grateful Dead studio albums on my Ipod Touch. Yeah, I’m a huge Grateful Dead nerd or what they all call a Deadhead. Now that I have all their studio albums, I’m going to start collecting their live albums pretty soon.

I now have all 6 Alice In Chains studio albums. I have both the Layne Staley era and the William Duvall era. I love both eras of the band. I’ve been a huge Alice In Chains fan since the very beginning in the 90’s and still pretty loyal to that band to this day. I think Jerry Cantrell is a great guitarist and songwriter. I’ve always admired and respected that man.

As for Guns N’ Roses “Appetite” album, I used to have that album on CD a long time ago but didn’t have it anymore so I decided to get it back digitally. I’ve always loved GN’R and still do. I listened to the “Appetite” album at the gym earlier today and forgot how amazing that album really is. It’s a classic record for sure.

I’ve also picked up two more Clutch albums ’cause I’m really getting into that band. I think I’m gonna collect their entire album discography too. Clutch is an addicting band to listen to and I’m loving them.

Well, there you have it. Enjoy!


Picked up some more music albums yesterday, both digitally and physical CD…

Yesterday, I ended up purchasing even more music albums. On physical CD, I picked up the new albums by Clutch and Alice in Chains.

From Itunes I picked up five more albums. Decided to get a couple of older albums by Clutch ’cause I’m gonna start listening to them, I think. I never listened to Clutch before and I think I’m gonna finally start. I know a lot of rock and metal fans love Clutch and I’m going to start checking them out for myself.

I was never much of a Judas Priest fan but I do like them and always respected them, just never bought any of their albums until now. I was meaning to get into Judas Priest for quite some time just never got around to it. A lot of people been saying great stuff about their newest album “Firepower” so I ended up getting that one and I also ended up getting their classic album “British Steel” as well.

As for Alice In Chains 2013 album “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”, I figure I would try and catch up with the William Duvall era of that band. I didn’t like the William Duvall era of that band at first but it grew on me over the years so now I’m a huge fan of the William Duvall era of Alice In Chains.

Looking forward to listening to all these records. Trying to catch up with newer music and I am. The best of 2018 music albums will come pretty soon. Just gotten listen to these records and then I’ll start writing up the list.


Alice In Chains: Yes to Layne Staley, No to William Duvall…

Well I just got done listening to all studio albums by grunge rockers, Alice In Chains on Apple Music. Listened to the three Layne Staley era albums “Facelift”, “Dirt” & “self titled” albums… I also listened to their EP “Jar of Flies” which I heard so many times. I also listened to the two William Duvall era albums, “Black Gives Way to Blue” and “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”.

I’ll have to say that the Layne Staley era albums were absolute masterpieces. I’d have to say that “Jar of Flies” would have to be my favorite of theirs, though. “Jar of Flies” the 7 track EP is a masterpiece and one phenomenal record… that is one album I’ll never get tired of listening to ever.

I listened to the two William Duvall albums today and I wasn’t so thrilled by them. Jerry Cantrell played killer guitars on both records, of course but I’m not so thrilled with Duvall’s singing. To me he’s just a Layne copycat and trying so hard to sound like him. Duvall does sound like Layne when he sings but not even close. No one could ever copy Layne’s vocals ’cause Layne has his own distinct style. Plus Duvall can’t write lyrics and create vocal melodies the way Layne did. Layne was the better songwriter than Duvall.

Alice In Chains is a great band, I just prefer the Layne era. So I don’t think I’ll support the Duvall era. I think my favorite Alice In Chains records would have to be their “Jar of Flies” EP and “Dirt”.

In my opinion, this band should have never went on without Layne ’cause to me Alice In Chains is Layne and no other singer. I think the band made a huge mistake continuing on without Layne after he died.


The Listening Room: Sorry but the new Alice In Chains song, isn’t that great, I still prefer Layne Staley, not the new guy…

Alice In Chains finally released a new single, titled, “A Looking In View”. The track is a little over 7 minutes long.

Listen to the song here:


I’m dissapointed and expected something better than this. It doesn’t sound like Alice In Chains anymore. Don’t get me wrong, the band plays the song well, Jerry’s guitar playing is great as usual, but a song like this is something that every metal band can play. It sounds no different than any other nu-metal band out there.

Sorry, but I don’t like the new Alice In Chains with the new singer. I prefer the original Alice In Chains with the great Layne Staley.

With the new song only having around 21,000 plays (that’s not a lot of plays for a famous band), you can tell that I’m not alone on this.

I’m a huge fan of the earlier Alice In Chains with Layne Staley, they made such amazing music back in those days. I thought “Jar Of Flies” was their best album, with “Dirt” close behind it.

I don’t really care for the new Alice In Chains, so I don’t know if I’ll get the new album. I don’t know why they continued without Layne in the first place.


Report: Alice In Chains to release new studio album without Layne Staley…

Alice In Chains, has signed a new  record deal with major label EMI and is due for a new record release sometime in Sept. This will be the band’s first studio album in more than 10 years. Alice In Chains reunited in 2005 with a new singer. His name is William Duvall, the new Alice In Chains frontman.

In between Layne’s death and recruiting a new singer for Alice In Chains, Jerry Cantrell released a few solo albums and toured for both of them. The new Alice In Chains is excited and happy to give us their new songs, so am I. I can’t wait to hear them.

I’ve been an obsessive Alice In Chains and Jerry Cantrell fanatic for many years. I don’t know how good this new singer will be, I just want to hear Jerry’s great guitar playing. In my opinion, Jerry Cantrell has always been one of rock’s best guitar players out of everybody out there.

More on it here: