Picked up some more music albums yesterday, both digitally and physical CD…

Yesterday, I ended up purchasing even more music albums. On physical CD, I picked up the new albums by Clutch and Alice in Chains.

From Itunes I picked up five more albums. Decided to get a couple of older albums by Clutch ’cause I’m gonna start listening to them, I think. I never listened to Clutch before and I think I’m gonna finally start. I know a lot of rock and metal fans love Clutch and I’m going to start checking them out for myself.

I was never much of a Judas Priest fan but I do like them and always respected them, just never bought any of their albums until now. I was meaning to get into Judas Priest for quite some time just never got around to it. A lot of people been saying great stuff about their newest album “Firepower” so I ended up getting that one and I also ended up getting their classic album “British Steel” as well.

As for Alice In Chains 2013 album “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”, I figure I would try and catch up with the William Duvall era of that band. I didn’t like the William Duvall era of that band at first but it grew on me over the years so now I’m a huge fan of the William Duvall era of Alice In Chains.

Looking forward to listening to all these records. Trying to catch up with newer music and I am. The best of 2018 music albums will come pretty soon. Just gotten listen to these records and then I’ll start writing up the list.


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