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Why Dave Mustaine was “right” to go off on Judas Priest sound checking during Megadeth concert…

I’m seeing a lot of people bashing and hating Dave Mustaine for this. Calling him all kinds of nasty names like diva, asshole, egomaniac, etc. blah blah blah, you get the deal…

…. but to be honest, I’m on Dave’s side with this move. I think what he did here was pretty fair and he was in the right.

I mean… think about it right. How would you feel if you had a band playing a festival and then some other band sound checking interrupting your performance? You would feel pretty pissed too would ya?

On top of that, the reason Dave stopped the show and waited for the other band to stop soundchecking is ’cause Megadeth is very complex and challenging music to play. With the music Megadeth plays requires focus and concentration. It would be distracting to play a song while another band playing… it could cause Megadeth to mess up guitar parts, it would be hard to hear yourself sing, etc. You see what I mean? I can’t blame Dave for being pissed and kudos for him for having the balls to call them out. They travelled all the way there, rehearsed hard for the show and did all that hard work so they don’t deserve to get interrupted like that.

So with all said and done, I’m siding with Dave on this one. As far as Dave’s temper and language goes, that’s just Dave. Just Dave being Dave. He’s a metal guy, of course, he’s gonna have that type of personality ’cause that’s how a lot of metal dudes are, ya know? He’s always been the same Dave since the 80’s.

And I can’t wait for the new Megadeth album, by the way.


Judas priest… one of the greatest bands in rock & metal for sure… trying to get into their music more…

For my massive music collection, I try to collect as much albums from my favorite bands as much as I possibly can. I try to collect albums from all of my favorite bands & artists such as Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Ac/Dc, Black Sabbath, Rush, Kiss, Metallica, Smaching Pumpkins, Al DiMeola, Joe Satriani, David Bowie, Opeth, etc.

One band I’ve been trying to get into lately is Judas Priest. They are one of the greatest bands in metal, no doubt. I freakin’ love ’em; although, I only own three of their albums… I only got “British Steel”, their latest album “Firepower” and another old Priest album “Painkiller”. I heard “Painkiller” is one of their best albums, pretty high in the top 5 they’re all talking about so I decided to get that one. Haven’t heard it yet but gonna get around to it.

I also got Rob Halford’s book” Confess” and KK Downing’s book “Heavy Duty”. Haven’t read them yet but I will get to them, bought them digitally for my Ipad.

I’ve read about Judas Priest a lot over the years like read interviews with them, saw their interviews and stuff on youtube. I’m familiar with their hit songs and now I’m just starting to get into their albums.

I’ve always respected that band. Rob Halford is 69 years old and before the pandemic hit, he still toured heavily with Priest over the years. Halford don’t have the powerful and high range singing voice he used to have but he still sings amazing. He’s definitely one of the best vocalists in rock for sure. I’ve always respected the hell out of Priest and trying to get into their music more.

Yeah, the guys in Priest are all old and aging fast but age is just a number. You’re never too old to rock n’ roll…. if you wanna rock then do it!


Picked up some more music albums yesterday, both digitally and physical CD…

Yesterday, I ended up purchasing even more music albums. On physical CD, I picked up the new albums by Clutch and Alice in Chains.

From Itunes I picked up five more albums. Decided to get a couple of older albums by Clutch ’cause I’m gonna start listening to them, I think. I never listened to Clutch before and I think I’m gonna finally start. I know a lot of rock and metal fans love Clutch and I’m going to start checking them out for myself.

I was never much of a Judas Priest fan but I do like them and always respected them, just never bought any of their albums until now. I was meaning to get into Judas Priest for quite some time just never got around to it. A lot of people been saying great stuff about their newest album “Firepower” so I ended up getting that one and I also ended up getting their classic album “British Steel” as well.

As for Alice In Chains 2013 album “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”, I figure I would try and catch up with the William Duvall era of that band. I didn’t like the William Duvall era of that band at first but it grew on me over the years so now I’m a huge fan of the William Duvall era of Alice In Chains.

Looking forward to listening to all these records. Trying to catch up with newer music and I am. The best of 2018 music albums will come pretty soon. Just gotten listen to these records and then I’ll start writing up the list.


BREAKING NEWS: K.K. Downing, guitarist of Judas Priest retires from music…

Today is a sad day for music, but understandable. Out of no where, the band Judas Priest announced that the band’s main guitarist, and one of the founding members have retire from music. He will not be playing the, “Epitaph”, tour with the band.

Announced at the band’s official website.

The band is probably going to replace a guitarist, but honestly, it’s not Judas Priest without the great, K.K. Downing. K.K. is Judas Priest. I can’t blame him hanging the boots because he’s been playing in the same band for 40 long years, playing the same songs every show. Can’t blame him for moving on.

I don’t think he’ll be gone from the music business for good though. Maybe he’ll start a solo career or maybe write an autobiography. All good things must come to an end, I guess.