BREAKING NEWS: K.K. Downing, guitarist of Judas Priest retires from music…

Today is a sad day for music, but understandable. Out of no where, the band Judas Priest announced that the band’s main guitarist, and one of the founding members have retire from music. He will not be playing the, “Epitaph”, tour with the band.

Announced at the band’s official website.

The band is probably going to replace a guitarist, but honestly, it’s not Judas Priest without the great, K.K. Downing. K.K. is Judas Priest. I can’t blame him hanging the boots because he’s been playing in the same band for 40 long years, playing the same songs every show. Can’t blame him for moving on.

I don’t think he’ll be gone from the music business for good though. Maybe he’ll start a solo career or maybe write an autobiography. All good things must come to an end, I guess.


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