Alice in Chains is still the best rock band going right now… they haven’t changed their sound since they started in the 90’s!

I’ve been listening to 90’s band Alice In Chains a lot pretty obsessively for a long while now. I really love both the Layne Staley and William Duvall eras. What’s interesting to me is that the band never changed their “grungy” like sound even with different singers. I listened to both singers Layne and William and I’m amazed that they sing exactly like each other. Pretty much dead on really.

Some of you may ask if Layne Staley didn’t die and if he was still in Alice in Chains now, would the band have sounded any different? No and here’s why. Jerry Cantrell is the primary songwriter of the band. Jerry wrote all the riffs. Jerry wrote all the music and he also wrote most of the lyrics. Staley contributed to some lyric writing and music but Jerry Cantrell wrote most of the material.

I listened to all albums of the band and I love everyone of them. Even all of the stuff in the William Duvall era is great. Yeah, people are upset that the band moved on without Layne but who cares. That’s what bands do. They move on and got to continue moving. Like they all say, “the show’s got to go on”. Bands just don’t give up making music ’cause that’s what they do.

I think Jerry Cantrell is a great guitar player and songwriter. He made some pretty tight and intense songs with the band. The Layne era was pretty special yes but give the Duvall era a chance. The Duvall era is great stuff too. Even with Duvall as singer, they still sound like Alice In Chains like they always did. Too many bands nowadays change their style of music with every album but Alice In Chains never did that which is why I love them. I own all 6 Alice In Chains albums and listen to them all the time on a repeated basis. They are still the greatest band in rock today.

Most of today’s rock music sucks ass but there are very few good bands out there still and Alice is one of them. I also love Greta Van Fleet, Ghost and getting into Clutch now. I also love Dream Theater and Opeth. They are some of my favorite bands.


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