Thought: Phish fans and drugs…

At the Phish concert last Sunday night, I was amazed that everywhere you go, there were drugs all over the place. Weed, acid, you name it. People were on everything. I’m sure all Phish shows are like this, of course.

After Trey Anastasio’s drug bust in Whitehall a few years ago, when he got stuck in rehab here in Saratoga Springs, he went through a pretty long rehab journey. When he got clean and was ready to graduate, get out of rehab….I was hoping and looking forward to seeing the Phish fans to follow suit of Trey Anastasio.

I was wondering if the Phish fans were thinking the same thing…”Geez, what am I doing to myself, I should go to rehab like Trey, my hero, and get clean”.

Well, that never happened. Trey going to rehab to get clean never taught the fans anything.

While the band was playing on stage, looking at everybody in the audience, everybody definitely looked really drunk, stoned and were tripping on something.

Trey looked really clean, he didn’t look like he was on anything. He was so happy on stage, he was all smiles and so full of energy throughout most of the gig. He is a much better guitar player when he is clean and sober as well. He was on fire that night!

Trey should start giving advice to Phish fans to go to rehab like he did so they don’t end up killing themselves and Phish wouldn’t have any fans left.

You can still have a fun time and have a blast without drinking and doing drugs.


One thought on “Thought: Phish fans and drugs…”

  1. That’s a good thought Brock. Whether he wants to be or not, Trey Anastasio IS A ROLE MODEL! The other side of the coin is that Phish fans can think for themselves and not live like someone who’s up on stage. They make their own decisions. Mind you, Trey wasn’t just tripping on mushrooms or smoking weed- he had a serious heroin habit. I bet heroin has creeped into the Phish audience as well. Would Trey be clean is he wasn’t busted?

    What’s freakiest thing you saw at the show. Was any hairy armpitted hippie chicks giving anyone blowjobs in public? Any clove cigarettes? How bad was the dancing?


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